Interior Colors That Match with Blue, Approved by Designers

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Last updated on April 5th, 2022 at 06:24 am

Blue is wildly popular when it comes to home décor – no surprise there. The versatility of this tranquil color allows you to pair it with various other colors in many different tones. Decorating your space depends on what appeals to you but remember that each shade of blue dictates a particular mood. Blue is mostly associated with calm and serene. However, in some cases, it may create feelings of indifference and aloofness. The solution to this is combining blue with other colors. Here are the interior colors that match with blue.

1.      Blue and White

Modern, fresh, clean, and crisp are what describe this classic combo. Cobalt, navy, and royal blue are the perfect hues to match with white for a fresh and elegant interior. This eye-catching color duo works for every room in the home and every season whether you prefer serene or bold space. If your walls and furniture are white or off-white, you can easily add a touch of blue with a couple of ornaments and accent pieces.

What Colour Goes with Sky Blue

2.      Blue and Red

Red is such a powerful color that even its most subtle hue stands out. While many homeowners will be quick to pair it with a neutral counterpart, house designers will match red with non-neutrals like blue. Navy blue seating with cherry red patterned accents (and a few neutrals) is perfect for your living room and dining room space while lighter tones work well in bedrooms and bathrooms for a more relaxed atmosphere. Want a vintage look? Try sky blue and red.

3.      Blue and Chocolate

You might think this is an odd pair – not so fast. This pair will pleasantly surprise you, especially with a few neutrals in the mix. Try a chocolate brown sofa with neutral walls and turquoise patterned accents for a retro-modern space. Alternatively, paint an accent wall chocolate brown then match it with neutral furniture and aqua blue pillows and decor pieces. For a cozy bedroom, think of chocolaty printed curtains, neutral walls, and bed linen with a blue lounge chair.  

4.      Blue and Pink

3 color combinations with blue

Blue and pink is a common theme in children’s bedrooms but this feminine and masculine combination is now a popular match for other spaces too. It can look beautiful in the master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Whether it’s a chalky pastel like blush and salmon or a rich hue like hot pink and bubblegum, pink is a fun color to pair with blue. Whatever style you’re going for, be it oriental, mid-century, or eclectic, this duo delivers.

5.      Blue and Yellow

The possibilities are endless with this cheerful combo. Each color comes in a variety of shades from mellow and serene to bright and rich. The intensity of yellow and the calmness of blue create a beautiful balance. Yellow brings sunshine into your home, adding an element of warmth to your blue interior. So during the colder months when you’re feeling low, count on blue and yellow to keep your spirits up. And if you love hosting, this inviting duo will make your guests feel welcome.

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