TV stand ideas for bedroom

The Best TV Stand Ideas for Bedroom

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Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 09:43 pm

While many people have TVs in their bedrooms, a few of them go the extra mile to invest in a reasonable TV stand as they mostly associate this furniture piece with the living room area. Imagine coming home every night to a cozy bed and your favorite TV show, you might as well have a good TV stand to make your bedroom more inviting. Here are the best TV stand ideas for your bedroom: 

Make it Multi-functional

If your bedroom is small, you can’t afford to waste any space. So it’s a great idea for your TV stand to be pulling double duty (and more). Some TV stands are versatile and can turn into whatever you want them to. In addition to its purpose as a TV stand, it can also be a storage space for your items (with drawers), your dressing table, a study table, or a display stand for your ornaments (shelf space). 

Conceal Your TV

Granted, on some nights or weekends you’ll binge-watch your favorite series but on other nights, all you’ll want to do is curl up in bed, read a book, finish a work project, or just get through your evening routine without distraction. This is where concealing TV stands come in. Sometimes these stands have a sliding panel to cover the TV. Alternatively, you can use a cabinet-like stand and shut the doors when you aren’t watching TV.  

Make It Colorful and Pretty

Modern TV stand decor ideas

Many TV stands come in the color of the tree they were cut from and you might find that boring depending on your preferences. If you’re non-traditional and have a bright personality, you probably like unique designs and vibrant colors. And why not? You deserve a brightly colored TV stand for your bedroom. Such a TV stand would be a great idea for a colored bedroom especially if it matches the room décor.

Get a Panel TV Stand

Your TV stand doesn’t have to be on the floor. It can be mounted on a wall. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll appreciate this type of stand for its clean and elegant look. It’s perfect for tight spaces as it frees up the floor space. First, you’ll need to mount a panel, then the TV on the panel. You can also mount a few floating shelves on the side and a horizontal stand below the TV. If you’re looking for sophistication, this is it. 

Corner TV Stand

Corner TV stands are your best bet if your bedroom is small, awkwardly shaped, or you don’t have any more wall space. They create an inviting and cozy environment. Some corner TV stands come as separate units while others are part of a larger inbuilt structure. Alternatively, you could place the TV on a small console table in the corner.

Closing Thoughts

You can choose a TV stand that can conceal your TV, a colorful and pretty stand, a TV panel, or a corner stand. Remember to position it so that the middle of the TV is at your sitting eye level. If the stand is too high or too low, it will strain your neck. So, which TV stand idea for your bedroom appeals to you the most?

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