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Your apartment should be your sanctuary, a place filled with joy and serenity. But if it’s not clean and organized, it can look and feel like a dump.

After many years of decorating and designing homes and apartments, we decided to start Organized Apartment to share our knowledge and experience with you, our dear readers. 

We love organization and interior decorating, and we’ll make you love it, too! Meet our team:

Alice Musyoka, Founder

Alice is an interior designer and writer who has worked for sites like Bath Fitter and Stagetecture. She has ghostwritten for The Spruce, Rent.com, and other reputable websites. She has a passion for transforming spaces into stunning and functional environments. With years of experience in the industry, she has built a reputation for creating exceptional designs that exceed expectations.

Alice creates interiors that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. She brings creativity, innovation, and expertise to every design. She has a deep understanding of interior design trends and techniques and creates spaces that are stylish and timeless. She’s an exceptional designer who can transform any space into a masterpiece.

Victor Musili, Co-founder

Victor is a seasoned gardener who is very passionate about plants and the environment. He has spent most of his life digging into the earth and nurturing the beauty that emerges. Over the years, he has honed her skills to become a true master of his craft.

Always ready to take on a new challenge, Victor takes pride in creating outdoor spaces that are beautiful, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. His passion for gardening is contagious, and he inspires everyone around him to indulge in the hobby. Victor’s beautiful, thriving gardens bring joy and happiness to those who experience them. 

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