Colors that match with pink

Interior Colors That Match with Pink, Recommended by Designers

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When you think of pink, the first thought that comes to your mind may be ‘sugar, spice, and all things nice’. While that is true, pink can do so much more than decorating the nursery and little girls’ bedrooms. Homeowners generally shy away from using this vibrant color in other areas of the home because they worry if there are other interior colors that match with pink.

However pink has evolved into a surprisingly versatile color with several shades that match other colors, making it more ‘grown up’ and suitable for the living room and adult bedrooms.  

1.      Pink and Gold

The key to making your space look elegant with pink and gold is to choose the right tones. If you want shiny gold, use a blush pink for a perfect match. The best way to incorporate gold is in small doses. Rather than paint a gold accent wall (yikes!), incorporate gold accessories like photo frames, wall art, mirrors, ornaments, flower pots, and glass coffee tables with gold stands. Another great idea would be a pink wallpaper with gold designs and prints.

2.      Pink and Black

Pink and black color palette

You can’t go wrong with this timeless combination. Black matches with pink so well because of its depth and dramatic effect which even out the softness and playfulness of pink. The result is a sophisticated and vibrant space. Pink comes in various shades from blush to hot pink and the shade you choose to pair with black will depend on your style. Add neutral colors like white and grey for a refined look. For a bit of glam add a few rose gold accessories.

3.      Pink and Orange

The color-clashing police have nothing on this vibrant combo. Being positioned so close on the color wheel doesn’t mean they can’t create something beautiful together. If you’re into bright interiors, try red and orange for a combination that doesn’t overpower the room but instead creates energy and excitement. To reduce the possible intensity of these two colors in your space, use a softer shade of one color with a bolder shade of the other.

4.      Pink and Grey

Pink and Grey Color Scheme

Pink and grey create a comfortable feel making it a perfect interior combination. It works well in the living room and bedroom. Break up your all-grey living room with a white backdrop and pink pillows for an inviting atmosphere. Pink and grey are also great for a modern look in a girl’s bedroom. Modernize your kitchen with dusty pink cabinets and accessories, grey walls, and grey countertops.

5.      Pink and Green

This pair is gaining popularity and rightfully so. Pink and green clash beautifully into a luxurious ensemble. Think velvet green sofa with soft pink pillows and gold furniture. Sounds like a classy combo you only see on Instagram. But it can be a reality for anyone willing to come out of their color palette comfort zone. This unique duo is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, emerald green and dusty pink being a common preference.

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