Shoe organization ideas for small spaces

12 Shoe Organization for Small Spaces: Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

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Last updated on June 30th, 2023 at 08:17 pm

We all love shoes! And while some of us do exhibit a higher affinity for footwear than the next person, we all run into the same problem eventually: where to stash all the pairs of shoes we’ve accumulated over the years. 

Shoe storage can pose a challenge, especially if you are a small spaces-dweller. Unless you have a giant walk-in shoe closet in your home, keeping your favorite footwear picks neat and organized feels near impossible. But there are plenty of reasons to try and keep your collection in order.

Most importantly, organizing your boots, sandals, heels, flats, and flip-flops makes them easy to find and protects them from damage.  Below, we’ve compiled practical shoe organization ideas for small spaces to help you neatly store your shoes. 

If your city apartment has a built-in closet, even a small one, you are among the lucky few. But if you own more than a few pairs of shoes, your footwear collection can easily take over your closet space. Use these shoe organization ideas for a small closet to keep that from happening. 

1. Purge Your Footwear Collection

The first thing you need to do is take inventory of your shoe collection: sort between frequently worn pairs and those you wear on special occasions. Discard worn-out shoes and donate uncomfortable pairs to make room in your closet. 

2. Hang a Shoe Organizer

If there’s still not enough room in the closet for all your shoes, consider handing a shoe organizer on the closet door. Hanging a shoe organizer is a great way to free up floor space in your closet and makes it easy to pick the shoes you love to wear. 

3. Install Tension Rods

You can easily add a DIY shoe shelf to a closet of any size using a couple of expandable tension rods. Pick a spot in your closet and place the rods horizontally, with one slightly lower than the other so that the heel rests on the higher rod and the rest of the sole on the lower one.  

Shoe Organization Ideas for a Small Bedroom

4. Vertical Shoe Rack

Keeping your shoe collection organized in a small bedroom can be tricky. Usually, small bedrooms have just enough space for the bed and not much else. Use creative shoe organization ideas to create a tidy space. 

In a limited space, going vertical is the best way to create storage that didn’t exist before. Consider installing a vertical shoe rack — or a shoe tower — in your small bedroom to take advantage of vertical space and maximize storage. 

5. Utilize Under Bed Storage Space

Another excellent option to keep your shoes organized in a small bedroom is to take advantage of the space under the bed. Get a shelf or sliding drawer and tuck it under your bed to create storage space for tall boots and seasonal footwear.

6. Install a Corner a Shoe Rail 

City apartments tend to have weird, awkward corners that you can utilize for a simple shoe storage solution. If you have one of these spaces in your bedroom, you can use a couple of tension or curtain rods to maximize space in an otherwise useless corner. 

7. Shelf Risers 

The more shoes you have, the harder it’ll be to keep your collection tidy and organized. Living in a limited space further complicates things. Use clever shoe organization ideas to keep your large shoe collection neat and out of the way. 

Shelf risers are a great shoe storage solution for an insanely large footwear collection. You can effectively double the amount of space in your storage shelves with shelf risers. They are also great for displaying your collection in a small space. 

8. Shoe Risers 

Similar to the shelf risers above, shoe risers can also help you double the amount of shoe storage in your closet. However, shoe risers don’t increase the number of shelves, allowing you to stack your shoes instead (as opposed to storing them side-by-side). 

9. Entryway Shoe Storage Cabinet 

If you still don’t have enough room for all your shoes in the bedroom/closet, you can utilize other spaces in your home. Adding a shoe storage unit to your entryway is an excellent idea. You can put your frequently worn pairs here for easy access as you head out the door.

Cheap Shoe Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

10. Stackable Shoe Bins

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to find practical solutions for your shoe-storing needs. If you are short of cash and square footage, shoe organization ideas for small spaces can help you organize your shoe collection without messing up your budget. 

Clear stackable shoe bins are a budget-friendly shoe storage solution for small spaces. Just pick an unused corner in your closet and stack a few of these. These bins can accommodate shoes of all sizes, and you can go as high as the space allows.  

11. Shoe Storage Bag

A shoe storage bag is one of the most effective shoe storage ideas for small spaces. Shoe storage bags typically have clear pockets that keep everything visible and protect shoes from dust. Hang one of these handy shoe storage solutions from your closet rod to make room for your footwear collection. 

12. Shoe Storage Baskets

Baskets are one of the staples of organization and storage. They are affordable, and you can stow anything in a basket, including footwear. Storage baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs; just pick one that fits your aesthetics. 

Say Goodbye to the Unorganized Pile of Shoes on Your Closet Floor!

When you live in a small space, keeping your shoe collection tidy and out of the way can be a headache. But it can be done, and sometimes all it takes to declutter your space and take the matter of shoe storage into your own hands is some imagination. 

Pulling inspiration from the tips, tricks, and ideas in this article, you can create an organized and stylish space for your shoes.

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