Bathroom Storage Ideas for Towels

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Towels: 9 Great Ideas

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Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 10:55 am

Often the smallest room in a home, the bathroom can be tough to keep organized. That’s because most bathrooms aren’t built with storage in mind. And in most cases, there’s no square footage to slip in extra storage to stash all your bathroom essentials. 

Towels are often the first to go out of control. The problem with towels, especially if you have more than a few, is they can take up a lot of space. If you don’t find the right space-saving solution for your towels, they can easily take over.

As the one item everyone needs after a shower or bath, it’s imperative that your towels are fresh, dry, and within easy reach. These creative bathroom storage ideas for towels will help keep your bathroom organized and functional. 

1. Hooks on the Back of the Bathroom Door

In a tiny bathroom, there never seems to be enough space for all your towels. But have you considered using the back of a bathroom door to hang damp towels? This often overlooked space gives you plenty of options to keep towels out of the way and the bathroom neat. 

For instance, you can use wall hooks to take advantage of the back of the bathroom door for towel storage. The average bathroom door can hold up to four hooks. You can use some of those adhesive hooks for easy installation. 

2. Utilize the Space above the Bathroom Door

Create additional storage space for your towels by putting another spot you might have overlooked — the space above the bathroom door — to work. It’s a great place to store extra towels and effectively keep them out of the way. 

There are several ways to convert the space above the bathroom door into a towel storage solution. For instance, you can add a shelf or a cubby to nest neatly folded or rolled towels. You can choose to buy the shelf or cubby or make one yourself. 

3. Turn an Unused Corner into a Towel Nook

Best bathroom storage ideas for towels

Do you have any unused spaces in your bathroom? Space can often go wasted because it’s difficult to utilize. With some creativity, you can turn that oddly shaped corner in your bathroom or that awkward space next to the tub into a towel nook. 

Add a few shelves to stash some extra towels. You don’t need anything fancy to take advantage of these awkward spaces; just about any shelf setup can hold a few towels as long as they are neatly folded or rolled. 

4. Store Towels in Woven Baskets

Baskets are one of the most versatile storage solutions, and they work in the bathroom, too. The simple storage basket provides an effective storage solution for your towels and other bathroom essentials. 

There are plenty of ways to go about storing towels in a basket. You can fold your towels neatly and put them in a basket by the tub or under the sink. Alternatively, you can roll the towels and stow them in a round wicker basket. 

If you’re running low on floor space, simply hang the baskets vertically — above the sink or toilet, for instance. 

5. Use a Bathroom Cart

A storage cart is an easy way to create space where there’s none and have items close by when you need them. Using one of these rolling storage solutions in your bathroom is an excellent storage ideas for bath towels. 

You can divvy up the tiers between towels and other bathroom essentials if need be. Most bathroom carts are intended to maximize space and feature compact designs. You can simply nestle this transportable storage solution beside the sink to really open up the space. 

6. A Freestanding Bathroom Shelf

Towel bathroom storage

Another excellent idea for towel storage is a freestanding bathroom shelf. If your bathroom lacks integrated storage, this solution will free up some valuable real estate while adding a touch of style to your space. 

A freestanding bathroom shelf will help you maintain an uncluttered space by keeping everything you need just within reach. The best part is that due to their compact designs, these bathroom shelves solve your storage problems without sacrificing valuable floor space.

7. Go Vertical with Ladder Shelf

If you don’t have much floor space to work with in your bathroom, a ladder is a great idea for towel storage. This handy solution helps you utilize vertical space in your bathroom for towel storage and can also serve as bathroom décor. 

Wall-leaning ladder towel racks have several rails to keep your towels neatly organized and within reach. In addition to towels, they can be used to store other accessories in the bedroom. The cherry on top is that you can always use the ladder when necessary.  

8. Towel Rack 

Another great idea for towel storage is the good old towel rack. When you hang your towels on a towel rack, air can easily pass over them. That keeps your towel dry and fresh, preventing mold growth. 

Towel racks excel at keeping towels organized without taking up a lot of space in your bathroom. These handy devices come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Walk into the bathroom section of any store, and you’ll find one that works for your space.

9. Repurposed Wine Rack

Last but not least, did you know that a wine rack can be used to store and display towels? That’s right. The shelving meant for wine bottles just happens to work for rolled towels too. 

Neatly roll your towels and place each one in the designated wine slots. You can repurpose an old wine rack or just get a new one to create a unique or custom bath towel organizer. 

Get Your Bathroom in Perfect Order!

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest — and often the busiest — spaces in a home. It can be difficult to keep everything in order. And in the bathroom organization game, towels are often the trickiest to keep under control. 

Do you have a large number of towels in your bathroom but no way to keep them organized? Get inspired to keep your bathroom in perfect order with these bathroom storage ideas for towels.

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