Does Thermacell Work on Flies

Does Thermacell Work on Flies? Which Other Insects Does It Repel?

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Last updated on July 26th, 2023 at 08:58 pm

Are there a more annoying, obnoxious insects than flies? Up there with the roaches, flies can make your life a living hell especially when you are out in your garden or yard. The incessant buzzing and sporadically landing on your face and body, it’s exasperating. 

You can swipe, slap, or swoosh all you want, but these pesky creatures won’t be going anywhere. But flies aren’t just a nuisance, they are also dangerous. Flies are known to carry a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and helminths. 

Is a fly infestation making your life miserable? Using an insect repellant is one of the most effective ways to deter those pesky flies. Thermacell is one of the best insect repellants on the market, and research shows it can be effective against flies. 

How Does Thermacell Repel Flies?

The folks at Thermacell say their product will repel most flying insects, including flies. It does an incredible job of deterring different types of flies in various climates. So, how exactly does Thermacell repellant keep flies at bay? 

The active ingredient in Thermacell repellants is Allethrin, a lab-made form of pyrethrin. Allethrin is similar to natural pyrethrin produced by pyrethrum flowers. Like the natural compound, Allethrin exhibits a wide spectrum of insecticidal properties and is a staple in many household aerosols. 

Ideal for use while gardening or relaxing in the yard, Thermacell uses a mat infused with Allethrin to repel flies and other flying insects. The presoaked repellant pad is placed over a heating element, which evaporates and releases the potent synthetic insecticide into the air.

The Allethrin vapor repels and keeps the flies at bay. A Thermacell repellant forms a 15-foot bug-free bubble around the device. The downside is that the Thermacell will be less effective if there’re strong gusts of wind, which will just blow the repellant away and burst the protection bubble. 

5 Insects That Thermacell Repels

How Does Thermacell Repel Flies?

Allethrin, the active ingredient in Thermacell repellant, is a quite potent compound. When activated using heat, the repellant will keep most insects away within a 15-foot radius. Below, we look at some of the other insects you should expect Thermacell to keep away.  

1. Mosquitoes

According to the CDC, mosquitos kill more humans than any other creature on Earth. The danger stems from insects’ capacity to transmit a wide range of deadly parasites and viruses. Some of the ailments that mosquitos transmit include:

  • Malaria
  • Zika
  • Yellow Fever
  • Dengue Fever
  • Lymphatic Filariasis

Fortunately, a Thermacell repellant can help you keep these dangerous insects from you and your family. Mosquitos can’t stand the Allethrin released when the Thermacell repellant is activated. If mosquitos are becoming a problem around your home, consider putting one of these devices to work. 

2. Wasps

The arrival of summer might mean that you have to share your patio with a swarm of wasps, which isn’t ideal. While they may play an important role in the balance of our ecosystems, wasps can be overbearing and pretty mean guests. 

If you are looking for a way to make your outdoor spaces unwelcoming to these stinging insects, Thermacell does the trick. Like flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects, wasps are not big fans of the compound a Thermacell device releases into the air. 

A Thermacell device will create an insect-free zone around the device, effectively keeping wasps at bay. It won’t kill them, only repel them. Simply place the device in the part of your home invaded by wasps and you are good to go. 

3. Gnats

Another insect the Thermacell repellant can help you keep off your property are Gnats. These tiny little flies prefer to hang around dark, damp, and humid environments with plenty of organic material. 

Insects That Thermacell Repels

You’ll commonly find these pesky little insects all over the plants around your home. Gnats do bite and can turn your outdoor activities into miserable experiences. They are so tiny and difficult to see, making them incredibly difficult to get rid of. 

Luckily, the repellant that Thermacell devices produce is effective against these vicious bugs. In addition to a taste for human flesh, gnats share other similarities with mosquitos. For instance, both insects thrive in swampy environments. 

4. No-See-Ums

Another biting insect that has the potential to ruin your outdoor activities this summer are no-see-ums. Also known as biting midges, no-see-ums are a family of flies that thrive in marshy areas. They prey on warm-blooded animals and nectar-producing plants.

Female no-see-ums must consume blood to lay eggs. Like gnats, the aptly named no-see-ums are very tiny insects, barely visible to the naked eye. They are even smaller than fleas, measuring just about 0.03 inches in length. 

Are no-see-ums becoming a nuisance on your property? These flying insects are incredibly easy to repel using a Thermacell device. That’s because they are most active in calm weather conditions, which is where Thermacell devices function at their best. 

5. Ticks

So far, we’ve seen that Thermacell can help you keep most flying insects and pests at bay. But what about bugs that live, breed, and thrive on the ground? For instance, can Thermacell help you get deter ticks? 

As you might have guessed, the insect-free bubble created by a Thermacell device isn’t so effective against pests that live on the ground. That’s mostly because this repellant is designed to deter flying pests. 

However, the pesticide properties of Allethrin are still effective against most insects. You just need a better delivery method, and that’s where Thermacell Tick Control Tubes come in. These are specially designed devices to help you get rid of ticks on your property.   

Keep Flies and Other Flying Bugs at Bay with Thermacell! 

Whether you’re looking to barbecue, dine alfresco, or even tend to your garden; flies, mosquitos, gnats, etc. can take all the fun out of your outdoor events. If you are looking to keep those pesky flying insects at bay, Thermacell is one of the most effective repellants you can use. 

You don’t have to apply anything on your skin, just activate the Thermacell device and stay close. The device will form a 15-ft radius protective bubble where you and your loved ones can have outdoor fun without annoying bugs. 

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