How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

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Last updated on April 14th, 2023 at 10:38 am

A desk is the centerpiece of any office space. In most offices, a desk serves as more than just a convenient work surface for computer and writing-related tasks. It also serves as storage for important office documents and other office supplies. Storing these items in the desk drawers keeps your desk organized and provides you with a productive working environment.

If you have or are interested in buying a desk without drawers, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to keep your workspace in order. Well, you can. The key is to creatively utilize the space on and around the desk. Let’s get into the details of how to organize a desk without drawers:

1.      Use a Desk Paper Tray

A set of tiered paper trays will keep your paperwork organized. It also takes up less space on the desk, allowing you to perform other tasks without disturbance. You can label each tray to indicate incoming and outgoing communication, plus documents that require your urgent attention. The paper tray can only take so much, which means you will have to discard old paperwork that you no longer need.

2.      Use a Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is an essential organizational tool for the office desk, more so a desk without drawers. It’s a tray-like tool, usually divided into small compartments. It takes up a small space on the desk and stores small items like markers, pens, pencils, paperclips, letter openers, and business cards. Each item goes into a specific compartment so that you can easily find them.

3.      Utilize the wall

All hope is not lost without drawers. You can still keep your desk organized by using the wall for storage. You can install shelves to store your documents and office supplies. If you’re renting the space, your landlord may not want you to drill the wall. In that case, simply hang up a vertical organizer with several compartments. You can also stick up reminders and timetables on a whiteboard on the wall.

4.      Use a Monitor Stand/Riser

Computer owners generally use a monitor stand/riser to adjust the monitor position and prevent tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. But did you know that you can also neatly store items in the space underneath the stand? If you have it, you don’t need to worry about keeping your laptop, a couple of office files, and some office supplies. They can fit in this space.

5.      Fit Your Desk with a Keyboard Tray

For optimal productivity, you need as much space on your desk as possible. Instead of having your keyboard take up space on the desk, you can position it on an adjustable keyboard tray. This tray is fitted right underneath the desk. It’s great for desk space and good posture. Some keyboard trays are sold with installation instructions so that you can easily fit them yourself.

6.      Avoid Multitasking

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While multitasking may sound like a good skill to have in the office, it’s a major cause of disorganization on your desk. Attempting to perform several tasks at the same time will leave your desk with piles of paperwork. Keep your desk organized by performing one task at a time. After each task, remove all related paperwork and then start on the next one.

7.      Purge Frequently

Create a frequent routine to remove unnecessary items from your desk. Once or twice a week is sufficient. You can keep these on a shelf somewhere else to avoid cluttering your desk. Pick them up only when you need them. Your desk should only have items that you use regularly.

8.      Wipe Your Desk Everyday

If your work environment is busy or dusty, ensure that you wipe your desk daily. You can’t really wipe a desk without removing the items and putting them back. This daily routine will force you to arrange items on your desk while you wipe, then you’ll have an organized desk.

9.      Position Your Desk Properly

A desk without drawers should be positioned properly to keep it organized and maximize productivity. For example, your desk might be too small to have a desk tray. Most likely you might have a wall shelf or organizer with documents you might need from time to time. It’s best for you to fix your desk next to the wall so that you can easily access your documents while you’re working and not pile your desk.

10. Add Tension Rods/Rails/Hooks

Increase the storage capacity of your desk with tension rods/rails between the legs. You can also fix a wire onto the rim of your desk and fit containers into the wire. These containers can store items like pencils, pens and other office supplies. Hooks attached to the side of the desk can hold headphones and other equipment.

11. Get a Large Trash Can

Put a trash can next to/under your desk. This will help you to quickly trash whatever documents you find useless. If you don’t have a trash can near you, that useless paperwork will start piling up on your desk and eventually cause clutter. The trash can should be big enough so that it doesn’t fill up quickly.

12. Develop a ‘Do it Now’ Attitude

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One of the best ways to keep your desk organized is by avoiding procrastination. Do whatever project or task you have as soon as you get it. The sooner you get it done, the faster you can get rid of the files and items for that task. If you keep procrastinating, other tasks will keep coming and soon your desk will be piled with files and documents.

We hope that these tips will guide you on how to organize a desk without drawers. A neat and organized workspace is essential for maximum productivity and creativity. Having a desk without drawers is no excuse for clutter and disorganization. Simple solutions like wiping your desk, buying a trash can, and using a desk tray goes a long way in providing you with an organized workspace. Organize your environment, and your life will be organized.

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