How to Decorate Glass Cabinets in Living Room

How to Decorate Glass Cabinets in Living Room

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Last updated on April 27th, 2021 at 12:22 pm

You can show off your favorite items to your guests without having to touch them. Whether you like collecting or looking at books, seashells, medals, glassware, or figurines, display cabinets allow you to keep them on a show and at the same time safe from dust and damage. Glass cabinets turn an ordinary space into a beautiful spot.

It’s not enough to simply put a glass-front cabinet in your living room. You should decorate and arrange it so that it’s worth looking at. It should be able to transform your room and compliment the rest of your interior elements. Let’s look at how to decorate glass cabinets in living room.

1.      Mirror Backing

Mirrors make spaces look bright and elegant. Add it to your glass cabinet for a touch of class and beauty. Glass naturally reflects light so it will make your living room look brighter and more spacious. It will help to place the cabinet in a darker section of the living room. A mirror will create reflections of the objects in your cabinet. If the items are too few, the cabinet will look fuller because the items are ‘multiplied’. You’ll also be able to see your items clearer.

2.      Lighting

With proper lighting, your glass cabinet is a sight to behold with every item on clear display. The type and size of lights you select will depend on the shape and size of your cabinet as well as the fragility of your items. You don’t want the lighting to destroy your autographed soccer ball beyond repair. You can light up your cabinet in these different ways:

Puck Lights

These lights put a spotlight on your favorite cabinet items whether it’s just one item or several. They are designed in LED, halogen, and fluorescent varieties. You can finally spotlight your favorite autographed soccer jersey. The wires of these lights must be kept hidden to keep the cabinet looking neat.

String Lights

String lights are a smaller version of Christmas lights with LED bulbs. Don’t underestimate the size of these lights as they produce powerful light. Being small is an advantage because they stay hidden. All you need to keep the wires in position is a plastic cable organizer or small glue dots. You’ll need to drill a tiny hole at the back so you can mount the battery pack.

LED Light Strips

This lighting option is growing popular due to its versatility. LED light strips are generally used for indirect lighting underneath or behind cabinets to create a beautiful ambiance. A glass cabinet with glass shelves only needs a single light under the cabinet top for a warm ambient look.

3.      Color Coordination

Does your living room have a color scheme? It would be a great idea to color-coordinate your cabinet items with the rest of the room, and it doesn’t have to be only one color. You can mix and match the items in your cabinet to blend with the room color scheme for an organized, classy look. Consider the colors of all the elements in the living room (walls, curtains, furniture, and so on) to decide on the perfect colors for the items.

4.      Use a Simple Color Palette

Even while you coordinate colors with your living room scheme, keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with color blocking and using several different colors. You’ll overwhelm the atmosphere and affect the mood of whoever walks in there. Your living room should be a place to relax from a hard day’s work and interact comfortably with friends and family. The best way to do it would be to choose a maximum of three colors that complement each other and brighten the room.

5.      Less Is More

There’s nothing classy about clutter, especially in your glass cabinets. Adopt a minimalist approach with decorating your cabinet. For each item you want on display, ask yourself if it needs to go in there. What items can you do without? Think about donating them or tossing what’s not usable or valuable to you. Don’t overload your glass cabinet. Keep it classy, and the focal point of your living room with a few treasured items.

How Do You Arrange a Display Cabinet?

How Do You Arrange a Display Cabinet?

There’s a right and wrong way to arrange a display cabinet. It’s not just a matter of filling it with your treasured items. There’s a process and an art to it, which if you get wrong can turn your living room into an undesirable space. You don’t need a professional designer as it’s simple to do on your own. These tips will help you make the most of your glass cabinet and its components to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

1.      Use the Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is a design principle that suggests items arranged in odd numbers look more memorable, effective, and appealing than even-numbered items. Three is the magic number with a powerful aesthetic that gives visual depth to your glass cabinet and living room. The numbers 5, 7, and 9 work well too. The rule of three is an effective tool used in writing, programming, and other areas of life, so it’s a real thing.

2.      Arrange According to Size and height

Organizing items according to size and height will create a powerful design statement and make your glass cabinet more interesting to look at. Place smaller items in front of bigger items so that they are visible. Also, place shorter items in front of taller ones. You can also experiment with varying the different heights. Is your glassware all the same size? Use acrylic boxes in various sizes to prop up some of the glassware pieces.

3.      Clustering

Cluster a few items on top of a decorative tray, mirror, or plate. Generally, these items will be the same type or color but may vary in height and size. Make sure each item on the plate is visible and keep them as close to the center as possible. Clustering makes the items look connected. Ensure that you don’t put too many on one plate as it will look cluttered.                                                                                                                                                                                         

4.      Mix Vertical and Horizontal Items

Mixing horizontal and vertical items in your glass cabinet will create balance and kill the monotony of viewing items laid out the same way. For example, you could lay down some books in a stack and mix them up by placing other books standing. You can do the same for a few plates that you’d like to display. For a standing plate, use a plate stand then stack the others.

5.      Give them Space

Keep space between your items in the cabinet. Placing them so close together will take away from the beauty of each item and the cabinet itself. You should be able to view and appreciate the unique attributes of each item in the cabinet. You don’t want your cabinet looking overcrowded and cluttered. Spacing them will make it easier to clean the items and the inside of the cabinet.

What Can You Display in a Glass Cabinet?

The whole point of having a glass cabinet is to showcase your treasured items. Why else would you own a transparent cabinet? A glass cabinet can accommodate a wide range of items depending on your specific interests, lifestyle, and character. Let’s have a look at some of the items you can show off:

1.      Books

If you’re a book worm, you want to show off your most prized books while keeping them safe from dirt and dust. Books in a glass cabinet create a dramatic storage statement. Your books will stand out if your cabinet and living room have neutral, soft colors.

2.      Glassware

Few things say sophistication like glass on glass. Your glass cabinet in the living room should keep glassware for special occasions or display only. To avoid broken or damaged stemware, make sure the rim is facing upwards as it’s the most fragile part of the glass, especially for crystal glasses.

3.      Artistic Collectibles

Collectors have an opportunity to express themselves and show their character to family and friends. You can add focus to your prized collection with appropriate lighting. Since you may not be able to display all your collections at the same time (because they are so many), keep some of them in storage for when you next redecorate.

4.      Trophies

Glass display cabinets are the perfect way to keep and display your trophies, badges, plaques, and medals. Your accomplishments will speak for themselves to your guests. You won’t have to worry about them gathering dust or getting destroyed.

5.      Small Potted Plants

Bring a piece of the outdoors into your living room with small potted plants. You may have a wide range of different size plants from the top to the bottom of your glass cabinet. Alternatively, you could complement your decorative pieces with one or two plants. The design and color of your plant pots should complement and add to the beauty of other items in the display.

How Do You Decorate a Glass Curio Cabinet?

You can decorate a curio the same way you would a regular glass cabinet. Glass curio cabinets are made in various styles and shapes but most of them are tall and narrow. They have front or side doors, glass shelves, and mirrored backs. Some of them have bottom drawers for additional storage. You can put a curio cabinet in any area of the house depending on what you want to store or display. For glassware and dinnerware, the curio looks great in the living room or dining room.

How Do I Stop My Glass Cabinet Doors from Rattling?

After a couple of months of owning your glass cabinet, you may start to notice that the door is rattling. This irritating noise happens because the panel expands and contacts depending on the weather. So how can you stop this annoying rattling?

1.      Shims

A shim is a thin, tapered piece of wood, stone, or metal used to make adjustments and fill spaces to fit, level, and support home items like windows and door frames. The most popular shims (also suitable for glass cabinet doors) are made from pine wood or cedarwood.

2.      Glass Retainer Clips

These clips keep the glass in place with a snug but safe hold. Their soft rubber tips push the glass securely against the frame. They come in different sizes and some types are unnoticeable after installation, keeping the glass cabinet looking chic.

3.      Adhesive and Rubber Strips

Squeeze a small piece of putty-like synthetic rubber-like Blu Tack at strategic points between the frame and the glass to hold them together and stop the rattling. Silicone rubber strips are also easy to install and retain their flexibility no matter the weather.

How Thick Should Glass Be For Cabinet Doors?

The standard glass thickness is 1/8” or 3.2mm. The correct thickness of the glass is important as the wrong measurement will make your cabinet difficult to use or risk your safety (in case it breaks). The glass for your cabinet doors should not feel too heavy while opening and closing and yet should be thick enough not to get damaged easily.

Are China Cabinets Out of Style?

A China cabinet was a common status symbol in most homes back in the day. This piece of furniture with glass fronts and sides was placed in the dining room or living room. It was used to store and display porcelain dinnerware (china) like plates, cups, glasses, and bowls. In recent years there’s been a huge decline in formal dining and most homeowners now prefer more modern cabinet styles. So, it’s safe to say that China cabinets are out of style and curio cabinets are following suit.

Final Thoughts

Decorating and arranging your glass cabinet goes together with ensuring that it is clean. Dust and dirt will take away from its beauty. Wipe it down regularly and shine the glass. Protect the bottom wood shelf of your cabinet by lining it with a clear plastic liner. Everyone will be able to see the wood so keep it free from unsightly glass water rings. Now that you know how to decorate glass cabinets in living room, go make your space shine.

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