What Can I Spray to Keep Birds Away

What Can I Spray to Keep Birds Away? 6 Sprays You Can Make at Home

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Last updated on June 30th, 2023 at 08:03 pm

While birds are not known for their keen sense of smell, scientists have proved that most species can still detect aromas and even use them to locate nesting spots, forage, and select mates. That means we can capitalize on the sense of smell to keep birds away from certain areas. 

There are numerous scents that birds, including pigeons, hate but are not unpleasant to humans. For instance, certain natural products — including cinnamon, garlic, peppers, and some essential oils — produce aromas that deter birds for various reasons. 

You can use these household items to create a homemade bird-repellent spray. If you’re not one of those crafty types, take heart. There are plenty of commercial, over-the-counter options you can use to keep birds off your property. Here’s what you can spray to keep birds away:

What Smells Will Keep Birds Away?

As it turns out, birds can indeed smell and use their sense of smell for various purposes. And while their sense of smell is not as developed as their hearing and vision, there are various scents that birds find uncomfortable. 

You can use these aromas to keep birds from certain airs in your home or garden. As mentioned earlier in the article, certain natural products produce scents that birds find quite unsavory. These include chili, peppermint, garlic, lemon, and peppers. 

You can make bird repellant by mixing any of these products with water in a spray bottle. There are also commercial bird repellant sprays that you can pick up at the store. Consider buying a liquid bird repellant from the store to eliminate birds without having to make your own. 

What Smell Do Birds Hate?

What Smell Do Birds Hate?

As you already know by now, birds dislike a wide variety of fragrant substances. Generally speaking, birds find the strong, pungent odors like those found in essential oils, vinegar, hot and chili peppers, and cinnamon irritating.

Most commercial bird repellant sprays and gels will use one or a mixture of these products. Keep in mind that most bird repellents, homemade or commercial, are non-toxic. They keep birds away without harming them. 

Keep in mind that while bird repellant sprays are uncomfortable for the birds, they don’t irritate the human senses. However, one exception to this rule is garlic, which some people find unpleasant. You might want to explore other options when making your own bird-repellant spray. 

How to Get Rid of Birds Naturally

Some bird species are incredibly destructive if allowed to nest on your property. They can also block key areas of your home with their nests. Apart from smell, there are other ways to keep birds away from your home. 

Here are some methods you can use to get rid of birds naturally. 

Remove Food Sources 

Birds, too, can be pests. Pigeons, robins, swallows, and ravens fall under this category. These birds are drawn to the food sources in and around your home. The best way to keep pest birds out of your home is to remove bird food and water sources from your property. 

Install Bird Netting

After removing available food and water sources, the next thing you can do to keep nuisance birds off your property is to block access to shelter. You can do this by placing bird netting over the areas in your home you don’t want birds to roost. 

Bring a Pet Home

Birds prefer to perch without any disturbances. Most bird species are less likely to hang around your property with the looming presence of a playful dog or cat constantly trying to catch them. They’ll probably move on to another property for some peace and quiet. 

What Smells Will Keep Birds Away

How to Scare Birds Away With Sound

You can also get rid of pesky birds on your property using sound. Generally, birds are terrified by loud noises, such as those produced by a leaf blower or lawnmower. But you probably don’t want to leave your lawnmower running for long periods just to scare birds away. 

Here are some more practical ways to scare birds away with sound. 

Wind Chime

Hanging wind chimes on your property can help deter birds in a couple of ways. For instance, the sound produced by the wind chimes can irritate the birds. The motion of the chimes with the wind can also be a deterrent. 

Predator Sounds

Are you tired of birds congregating on your porch? Another effective way to get rid of birds using sound is to mimic predators. The sound of a hooting owl, screeching raptor, or any other bird of prey will terrify most bird species. 

Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

Outdoor ultrasonic devices are a safe, effective, and modern way to scare away annoying birds. These devices emit sounds inaudible to humans but unbearable for birds. Ultrasonic devices can be a bit more expensive than other options in this article. 

Will Bleach Keep Birds Away?

While bleach makes for an effective solution for washing away bird droppings and mess from areas of your home, it’s not an effective deterrent. Consider using other methods, such as sound, bird repellant spray, etc., to keep the birds away from your property.

Best Bird Repellent Spray

When it comes to commercial bird repellent sprays, there are plenty of liquid repellants to help you drive birds away and protect your property from damage. The Bird B Gone BIRDOUT Aromatic Bird Kit Repellent on Amazon is a great shout for those looking for a reliable bird repellant spray. But we prefer the non toxic Bird-X 54-1 Proof Bird Repellent Gel.

This bird-repellant spray is ideal for outdoor use. You place the aromatic repellent on your deck, patio, garage, or any other area of your home you don’t have birds congregating. 

Send Birds Flying With These Scents! 

Undoubtedly, birds can add color and music to the yard. But they can also be a nuisance. Certain species — pigeons, for instance — pose health risks, and their droppings can cause structural damage to your property. 

Contrary to popular belief, birds can indeed smell, and some smells make them uncomfortable. If you don’t want birds congregating or building nests in and around your home, consider taking advantage of the odors they detest to keep them away. 

Are pigeons, starlings, ravens, crows, robins, or other birds turning into a nuisance in your home? Use these smells to send your little feathered roommates flying! 

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