Hidden Toy Storage Ideas

12 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas: Keep Toys Out of Sight

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Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 06:17 am

Toys are more than just fun and games; they play a critical role in child development. Most toys enhance a child’s memory and attention span and stimulate concentration. But toys can also be a source of clutter

Moreover, having too many toys around your home can impede a child’s ability to concentrate, learn, and develop important skills around play. As a parent, a cluttered home can be a source of anxiety. Therefore, keeping toys organized and manageable is beneficial for all. 

However, that’s easier said than done. Are you struggling to keep your home free of toy clutter? These hidden toy storage ideas can help you keep your kids’ toys organized and out of sight. 

1. Under the Sofa

Traditionally, the living room is supposed to be a space for grownups to unwind after a long day at work. But once kids come along, the living room becomes the de facto playroom featuring a sea of toys. Tired of seeing your children’s toys all over your sitting room? Hidden toy storage ideas can help you create a calm and clutter-free living room where adults can unwind in the evenings. 

It’s common for kids to lose their toys under the couch, a space that — ironically — is also a great spot to stash toys. You can deliberately use the space under the sofa to store large, flat toys such as board games, puzzles, Lego trays, etc. 

2. Storage Baskets

Woven baskets or wicker baskets are great storage options for loose toys. Baskets keep the toys easily accessible for the kids and are also pretty easy to pack away. You can tuck these tiny baskets into corners or behind the furniture to keep the toys out of sight. 

3. Under the Coffee Table 

Another great location to stow your kids’ toys is underneath the coffee table. It keeps the toys close enough for the kids and out of the way for the adults. For this idea to work, choose a coffee table with several drawers or a shelf underneath. 

4. Storage Ottoman

When it comes to storage, ottomans are pretty handy. A large ottoman with hidden toy storage is another excellent idea for keeping toys out of sight in the living room. The best part is that the storage ottoman can also be used as an alternative coffee table. 

Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

5. Furniture That Doubles As Storage 

Raising a family in a small space can be challenging. There’s simply not enough room for all your stuff; sooner or later, it’ll start to feel like your kids’ toys are taking over the space. Use creative toy storage ideas to keep toys organized and out of the way in small spaces. 

Furniture items that double up as storage make great toy storage solutions, and there are plenty of options. Large storage ottomans, for instance, are ideal for quickly stashing large toys, such as stuffed animals. Tables and coffee tables with drawers underneath are great for storing children’s books and puzzles. 

6. A Rolling Storage Cart

A cart or shelf with wheels is a great idea for toy storage in a small space. Fill the cart with storage baskets or stackable bins to hold the toys. That way, you can simply wheel the toys out of sight when your kids are done with them. 

7. Pegboard 

You should also consider pegboards for toy organization. You have many options when it comes to using pegboards for toy storage. For instance, you can place a pegboard inside the closet to hang toy storage baskets. 

8. Wall Hooks 

Wall hooks are also an excellent way to keep your kids’ toys organized and out of sight in a small space. They are simple, versatile, and allow you to use the various nooks and crannies in your home. Like pegboards, wall hooks can be used to hand baskets of toys and other items. 

Modern Toy Storage for Living Room

9. Use Cube Shelves

If you are looking for a modern solution for the sea of toys in your living room, storage cubes are a great toy organization idea. The kids can easily pull out a bin to retrieve their favorite toys and put them right back when they are done. Cube shelves are practical and have a clean look, resulting in a very small footprint in your living room. 

10. Wood Storage Crates

With the right placement, wood storage crates are another excellent modern toy storage solution for your living room. For instance, you can put them on the floor — where the kids can easily slide them in and out — underneath the window seat or bench to hide your kids’ toys in plain sight. 

11. Armoire 

Elegant and functional, you can also use an armoire in the living room to keep your kids’ toys out of your line of vision once playtime is over. In addition to keeping your kids’ toys hidden, an armoire is a great statement piece in your living room. 

12. Leaning Ladder Storage 

Another modern solution to hide toy clutter in the living room is ladder storage. You can use a leaning ladder storage with drawers at the bottom to shove your kids’ toys when not in use. Drawers at the bottom mean the children can access their toys with ease during playtime. 

Save Yourself From Toy Clutter! 

Learning through play is a crucial part of a child’s development, and toys make that possible. As a parent, you just have to accept that toys will be part of your life from when your little bundle of joy arrives until they are nine or ten years old. 

Ideally, you want to keep toys easily accessible for the little ones while maintaining a happy, relaxing, and functional space for the adults. If you need inspiration, you’re welcome to try the hidden toy storage ideas in this article. 

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