Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

13 Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

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Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 04:39 am

Shared bedrooms are common in American homes. In cities, where space is at a premium, shared rooms are just part of the deal. Some families will even choose to have kids bunk together even when space is not a problem.

Whether it’s a choice or out of necessity, shared bedrooms can be a challenge with space and layout. In most cases, the shared room is the size of a regular bedroom — but with twice the bodies, furniture, clothes, and personal things. 

You’ll need to incorporate some creative ideas to design a space that feels special and comfortable for everyone. Below, we’ve put together a list of useful shared bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you get started. 

Limited space is the biggest challenge when dealing with shared bedrooms. A shared room has to have two of everything. Check out our shared bedroom ideas for small rooms to double up space and storage. 

1. Stack the beds

There are plenty of ways to utilize vertical space in a shared bedroom. One excellent way to take advantage of vertical space in a shared bedroom is by stacking the beds. You can creatively stack even three beds if need be. 

2. Share closet or dresser 

Having ample storage for clothes and other personal items is important. Have one shared closet or dresser so the room doesn’t feel overstuffed. You can use dividers to divvy up the closet space equally. 

3. Utilize space under the bed 

The space under the bed is a great spot for the extra blankets and other clothing items that might otherwise clutter the room. You can use bags, bins, or pullout drawers to put this often overlooked space to good use. 

4. Get creative with multipurpose furniture

Invest in double-duty furniture to maximize every inch of space in a shared bedroom. For instance, instead of a regular headboard, you can use a bookcase as a headboard or space divider in a shared room. 

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brothers

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brothers

In most of the United States, it’s common for children under 18 to share a bedroom. If you live in the city, your kids may not have a choice. Siblings who share a room may not always get along, but these shared bedroom ideas for brothers can encourage them to coexist happily.

1. Bunk beds

A great way to make sharing a bedroom for brothers more enjoyable is by installing bunk beds. In addition to being plain fun for kids, bunk beds help carve out a bit of privacy in a shared space. Ensure that the bunk beds are firmly secured to the wall. 

2. Divide the room

If you have older brothers sharing a bedroom, you may want to consider dividing the room. The older we get, the more privacy we want. For instance, you can use a large storage unit to partition the space for more privacy while adding extra storage. 

3. Add a sofa 

Your boys will love it if you add a sofa to their shared space, which is possible in you have space-saving bunk beds. The couch can also function as an additional bed for when they are having a sleepover, or you have guests in your home. 

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Sisters

Lots of sisters won’t mind sharing a room, but that doesn’t make it easier to design a shared bedroom for your daughters. These shared bedroom ideas for sisters will help you ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable in the shared space. 

1. Head-to-head beds

You have to be smart with the bed arrangement when designing a shared bedroom for children. While bunk beds tend to be popular with kids, some — especially girls — may not prefer them. Instead of bunk beds, place the beds together head-to-head to save space. 

2. Shared headboard

Lining up the beds head-to-head means they can share a headboard. A shared headboard can function as a divider, adding a little privacy to the shared space. You can also use a dresser or bookcase as a headboard to make the most of this space.

3. Double desk

Add a double desk to ensure your children have a place to study and do their homework in a shared bedroom. Having somewhere to study is extremely important, especially for older children with important exams coming up. 

Ideas for Shared Bedroom for Adults

Shared Bedroom for Adults

Sharing a bedroom with another adult who’s not your spouse or partner can be challenging. However, you can still make it work. Here are some clever ideas to design a cozy space that you and your roommate will love to share.

1. Divide the room

Adults need more privacy. The first thing on the agenda should be how to divvy up the space in your shared bedroom. There are plenty of creative ways to divide a shared room, with the most popular options being:

  • Curtains. Hang up a room-dividing curtain across the room to create a barrier and provide a sense of privacy. 
  • Temporary room divider. Instead of hanging a curtain, you can use a temporary room divider (not anchored) to split a room in half. 
  • Wooden shelves. You can also place a wooden shelf, such as a bookshelf, between the beds to create some sort of barrier. 

2. Organization and storage

Keeping your shared space well organized and easy to clean is key to peaceful coexistence. To avoid clutter, create zones for clothing, books, and other personal things — and keep them clear. Having ample storage will also help keep things organized and under control. 

3. Sharing electrical outlets

An important consideration when sharing a bedroom with a fellow adult is access to electrical outlets. Most rooms don’t have enough outlets for more than one person. You must incorporate enough outlets for your electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., in your design. 

Turn Shared Bedrooms into Comfortable Spaces 

With twice the furniture, personal belongings, not to mention personalities, shared bedrooms can get cluttered and hectic. But it’s possible to create a space where everyone feels cozy and comfortable, regardless of who’s sharing the bedroom. Feel free to use our shared bedroom ideas for small rooms for inspiration. 

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