Inexpensive home organization ideas

15 Inexpensive Home Organization Ideas

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Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 04:48 am

We get it, money’s tight right now, and some of our needs have to take a backseat. For instance, you may put off organizing your home because you think it’s expensive. But keeping your home tidy and organized doesn’t take a big budget. 

You don’t need fancy cabinetry, shelving, or specialized furniture to organize your space. When properly executed, simple, low-cost solutions can make a world of difference. Are you looking for inexpensive home organization ideas? 

You’ve come to the right place. Below, we walk you through organization hacks and tricks to get organized without spending a ton of money. With a little creativity, it doesn’t have to cost any money. Here are some cheap organization ideas for small spaces. 

1. Declutter

Getting rid of clutter is a key step to organizing your home and doesn’t cost money. If you have too much stuff, consider getting rid of the items you don’t need. You can sell, donate, or toss anything you decide not to keep. 

2. Use containers and bins

After decluttering, the next step is to find a way to store the items you choose to keep. Plastic containers and bins are a great solution. You can get creative with DIY solutions or inexpensive containers from the dollar store. 

3. Repurpose old items

You can also repurpose items like egg cartons, shoeboxes, paper towel tubes, coffee creamer canisters, etc., into creative storage solutions. Repurposing is inexpensive and, in most cases, free. 

Cheap Storage Ideas for Clothes

Cheap Storage Ideas for Clothes

Lack of closet space and clothes storage is a common problem in small apartments. If you are looking for cheap storage ideas for clothes, these innovative hacks will completely transform your space without getting you in trouble with your budget. 

1. Wall hooks

If you are running low on space in the closet, use wall hooks to hang accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and hats. These items tend to clutter the closet, making it impossible to locate anything. Wall hooks are a great way to utilize vertical space. 

2. Under the bed storage

You can also utilize the space under the bed for clothing storage using under-the-bed storage containers, plastic bins, etc. The space under your bed is a great place to store heavy clothes and other clothing items you don’t wear often.

3. Clothing rack

Don’t have enough storage for your clothes? A freestanding clothing rack is an affordable option that you can use to create additional storage for your clothes. A clothing rack also works as a statement piece in a bedroom. 

Cheap Storage Ideas for Toys

Are you looking for cheap storage ideas for toys? Organizing the toys in your home need not be expensive or overly complicated. Here are ways to organize your kids’ toys without breaking the bank. 

1. Use recycled shoe boxes

Recycling shoe boxes for storage is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your kid’s toys organized. Then you can tag the box with the name of the toy inside for easy access. You can also leave the box open if your kids are too young. 

2. Group toys by category

Organizing toys by category is free, and it’ll keep your space organized and make it easier for your kids to find the toys they are looking for. For instance, you can categorize toys by type, placing toy cars in one area, dolls in another, etc. 

3. Cube storage

Cube storage is among the most versatile and affordable options when it comes to storage solutions. If you’re looking for a reliable way to organize your kids’ toys without spending too much money, consider cube storage. 

Cheap Storage Ideas for Bedroom

Cheap Storage Ideas for Bedroom

Are you running out of space in the bedroom? Keeping your bedroom organized can help you reclaim valuable real estate, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it. Here are cheap storage ideas to maximize the space in your bedroom. 

1. Under the bed storage basket

One way to take advantage of every inch of your bedroom space is to utilize the space under the bed. Use a basket or a shallow plastic bin to store stuff under your bed. Choose containers that can slide easily underneath the frame. 

2. Headboard with storage

If your bed occupies most of the room in your bedroom, you need to find ways to utilize the space in and around it. Consider a headboard that doubles up as storage. For instance, it can be a shoe cabinet to accommodate your shoes. 

3. Window sills

The ledge on your bedroom window can also help with your storage woes. This space is basically a shelf, and you can use it as one. You can store pictures, decorative items, perfumes, etc., on the window sill. 

Cheap Storage Ideas for Craft Room

Craft storage and organization are vital for artists and crafters. While creativity and tidiness don’t always go hand in hand, a disorganized craft room where the supplies are in disarray can impede your process. 

Organizing your craft room doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some cheap storage ideas for a neat and organized craft room. 

1. Storage containers

Use storage containers to keep craft supplies organized. For the best results, consider having a separate container for each type of supply. For example, have different containers for pencils and markers instead of storing them together. 

2. Repurpose a jewelry organizer

You need to be very creative when organizing your craft room on a budget. Consider repurposing various household stuff. For instance, you can repurpose a jewelry holder to store craft supplies, such as washi tape. 

3. Use pegboards to organize supplies

Is your craft room running out of space? Pegboards are an inexpensive way to utilize the vertical space in your craft room. Pegboards are highly functional when it comes to keeping your space tidy and can serve as décor, too. 


Are you tired of living in an avalanche of clutter? You don’t have to break the bank to organize everything in your home. Use our inexpensive home organization ideas to keep your home tidy without spending a small fortune.

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