Why Does My House Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Why Does My House Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

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Last updated on June 30th, 2023 at 08:30 pm

Nothing feels as bad as having an unpleasant smell in your home whose source you can’t identify. And if you’re someone who loves entertaining, the issue can be downright frustrating. If your house smells of rotten eggs, the odor may come from a variety of sources. 

It might be a sewer backup, a natural gas leak, clogged drains, bacteria in your water, or decaying organic matter.  Here are six reasons why your house smells like rotten eggs:

Sewer Line Issues

Many sewage-related malfunctions can cause nasty odors. Sewer backup, broken drain pipes, or a dried-out p-trap, can make your house smell like rotten eggs. A sewer backup can cause sewage to back up into your home. 

Sewage contains hydrogen sulfide gas, gas with a strong, rotten egg odor.  Broken drain pipes permit sewer gasses to seep out and wreak havoc on your property.  Also, a dry p-trap cannot work correctly and will emit odors. 

Your plumbing system is fragile and needs good maintenance to keep working properly. Call a plumber to come and see if everything is working as it should if you suspect that the plumbing system could be the source of the bad odor.

Gas Leak

Natural gasses are odorless, and a leak can be very dangerous. To ensure a gas leak is easily detected, gas companies now add a chemical called mercaptan to give a distinctive sulfuric odor to gas. Without it, you can’t know when there’s a life-threatening gas leak. 

If you think the smell of sulphur in the house is caused by a gas leak, leave the house immediately. Do not turn on appliances or lights and evacuate the building immediately. 

You can call a gas leak repair specialist or your gas company to check the issue. Gas leaks are serious, so leave the job to the professionals. Gas leak repair specialists charge $120 to $250.

Well Water 

Smell of sulphur in house

If you’re like many Americans and use well water instead of treated water, it might be the cause of the rotten egg smell. As vegetation decays in the ground, it causes a buildup of hydrogen sulfide which gives the water a bad odor. While you can drink the water, its smell may be very unpleasant.

Fill your sink with cold water and then smell it. If you smell rotten eggs, the water is the culprit. You can also send a sample of the water to the local health or environmental department for confirmation. To fix the issue, you can install carbon filters in your faucets and a reverse osmosis unit under the sink. 


If the house you live in was built or renovated between 2001 and 2009, it may have drywall with lots of sulfur. Back then, many contractors used drywall from China which had excessive amounts of sulfur. During periods of high heat and humidity, the drywall may release sulfur compounds which produce the smell of sulphur in a house.

To know if drywall is the culprit, check the copper coils on your AC unit and refrigerator. If you notice black ash on the copper coils, you’ve found the cause. You can call a drywall expert in your area to replace the old drywall. 

Drain Pipes

When drain pipes dry out, they may produce a rotten egg smell. Drain pipes may become dry if bathrooms remain unused for a long period of time. Tubs and sinks usually connect to a pipe called a p-trap. 

The function of the u-shaped pipe is to trap sewer gas and ensure it doesn’t get inside your home. A layer of water on the bottom of the “U” helps in this endeavor. But if a bathroom remains unused for long, the water evaporates, and the sewer gas gets inside your home, generating a sulfur odor.

To solve this problem, open the faucets in the bathroom’s sinks and tubs for ten minutes. The p-traps will collect enough water to block sewer gas. If the smell persists, you can call a plumber to diagnose the problem. 

A Dead Animal or Decaying Organic Matter

Rotten egg smell in house but no gas

Decaying organic matter or a dead animal can emit a strong, unpleasant odor. Check if there’s a dead bird or mouse in your attic or chimney or food that’s rotting in your kitchen. If there is, get rid of it and thoroughly clean and disinfect the area. 

If you can’t identify the source of the rotten egg smell, call a professional odor removal company. It’s important to get rid of the odor quickly to improve the overall air quality in your home and prevent health hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Rotten Egg Smell in the House Dangerous?

Yes, a rotten egg smell in the house can be dangerous if it’s caused by a gas leak. If gas accumulates in an enclosed space. It can be extremely dangerous and potentially explosive. If you smell rotten eggs in your home, it’s important to act fast.

There’s a smell of sulphur in the house, what could it be?

  • Natural gas leak
  • Septic tank problems
  • Sewer gas leak
  • Dried drain pipes
  • Well water
  • A dead or decaying animal

Professional odor removal specialists can quickly diagnose the issue and suggest appropriate solutions.

There’s a rotten egg smell in the house but no gas, what might be the cause?

  1. Sulfur-based bacteria in the water system
  2. Septic tank problems
  3. Rotting organic matter
  4. Sewer gas leak
  5. Sulfur-based cleaning products

My house smells like rotten eggs after a shower, what do I do?

House smells like rotten eggs after shower

If your house smells like rotten eggs after a shower, bacteria in the drain or pipes may be producing hydrogen sulfide gas. A buildup of organic matter like soap scum, food particles, and hair might be the cause. To clean the drain and pipes, pour some vinegar and baking soda down the drain followed by boiling water. If the smell doesn’t go away, call a plumber.

My house smells like rotten eggs at night, what do I do?

If your house smells like rotten eggs at night, the cause may be a natural gas leak. Turn off the gas supply to your home immediately and leave the premises. Call your gas company to inspect the issue and repair it.

My house smells like rotten eggs when it rains, what do I do?

If your house smells like rotten eggs when it rains, it could be because of a buildup of sulfide gas in the sewer system. When rainwater gets into the sewer pipes, it can send sewer gas into a home through the toilet or drains. Ensure your plumbing system is properly vented and works well. If it doesn’t, call a plumber.

Reasons for rotten egg smell in bedroom

Does your bedroom smell like rotten eggs? Here are some reasons why that could be happening.

  1. A natural gas leak
  2. Dry drain pipes
  3. Contaminated well water
  4. Old drywall
  5. A dead animal or insect 

If your house smells like rotten eggs, it could be one of the above reasons. Some causes are more dangerous than others, so it’s important to act fast. Call a professional to identify the source of the smell and handle the issue.

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