Cockroach poop images

Roach Poop: Cockroach Poop Images and How to Clean Roach Poop

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Last updated on March 14th, 2023 at 08:06 am

No one wants a bad smell in their home. Whether it’s a musty smell from the bathroom or animal poop, bad smells in your home are a turn off, especially if you have guests around. 

That’s the reason many homeowners are willing to go to any lengths to fragrance their homes and create a refreshing atmosphere. Unfortunately, dealing with some smells, like roach poop, may not be as easy as many might assume. The fact that most people don’t even know what a cockroach poop image looks like is enough headache to begin with. 

This post discusses everything you need to know about roach poop and gives directions on how to clean it at home. Get rid of roaches and their smelly poop!

Cockroach Poop Images

Many people might have smelled cockroach poop at some point but may not know exactly what the waste looks like. Without the smell, many would confuse roach poop with coffee grounds or some finely ground pepper. Want to see how cockroach poop loooks like? Here are a few cockroach poop pics.

Does Roach Poop Mean Infestation?

Roach infestation is easy to discover if you know what to look for. The poop is one of the telltale signs that these insects have invaded your home, and it’s now time to take action. 

Pay attention to tiny droppings that resemble coffee grains or ground black pepper in areas you suspect roach activities. The poop produces a bad odor, making it easy to notice. The poop can either be black or brown in color. 

Cockroach Poop vs. Mouse Poop

Cockroach Poop vs Mouse Poop

Many will admit they’ve neither seen a roach nor a mouse poop in their lives. But with a side-to-side comparison, anyone would probably give a wild guess based on the size of the poop. 

Spotting the difference is important for any householder fighting the problem of their invasion. You’ll know what to look out for as you clean and how to protect yourself from diseases and allergies coming from their waste matter. 

Besides, you’ll know whether to prepare to deal with a rodent or an insect problem.    

Size is the most distinctive feature when comparing roach and mouse poop. Mouse droppings are larger and with short hairs in them. On the other hand, roach poop is maller, measuring about 1mm and is always black or brown in color, depending on the roach species. 

Roach droppings have long ridges from tip to tip, stretching the length of feces. Mouse poop lacks such ridges. 

The location of the poop also matters if you can’t differentiate a roach’s poop from that of a mouse based on size and shape. Roaches are smaller and flatter and will fit in the tiny spots that a mouse won’t. If you notice poop in such spots, it likely belongs to a cockroach. 

Are Cockroach Droppings Dangerous?

Roaches are filthy and can be disgusting to have around. But that doesn’t mean your house is messy if you see them around.

Since they like feeding a lot on food crumbs, you can expect to find their droppings scattered everywhere. Their droppings contain allergens that pose several serious health risks to human beings. 

The allergens can trigger asthma symptoms and other allergies when inhaled, especially by small children with developing respiratory systems.  

How to Clean Roach Poop on Wall

How to Clean Roach Poop on Wall

Roaches will always leave irregular smear marks as they crawl on walls or any other horizontal surfaces. These are usually poop mixed with moisture. These stains always smell and look bad on the wall. 

Cleaning using soapy water is the best solution to clearing cockroach poop on walls. It clears the black and brown irregular stains and eliminates the bad odor. You can also use baking soda or any other disinfectant cleaner to wipe the walls.  

For better results, consider using a vacuum cleaner to remove any solid waste, usually on the higher parts of the wall, before cleaning with water and soap.  

Roach Poop But No Roaches: What to Do?

Roaches are more active in the dark than during the day. As a result, you’ll likely spot their poop, shells, or eggs but fail to see them completely. This is mostly the case in small spaces, like if you have roaches in your car

But you don’t need to see roaches with your eyes to believe they are there. There are many signs of roach infestation to look for, including poop. 

Take action immediately, as roaches multiply quickly and may colonize your home within no time. 

Some practical steps to take include vacuuming and washing the room. You can also spray essential oils like lavender, cyder, or rosemary to repel others looking to come in. 

Strong herbs like bay leaves and basil are good repellants you can also use.  A mixture of baking soda and sugar is another excellent bait that’ll draw them from their hiding. The roach dies almost immediately after ingesting the baking soda mixture. 

How to Clean Cockroach Poop

How to Clean Cockroach Poop

Cleaning cockroach poop is straightforward using the right items and procedures.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Protective gear (gloves, goggles, and a face mask)
  • Vaccum cleaner
  • Brush 
  • Disinfectant
  • A spray bottle
  • Disposable cloth

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Put on a face mask to avoid inhaling the stale roach poop, goggles to protect you from dust and gloves to avoid contact with the waste.
  2. Vacuum the affected surfaces to remove any solid poop before applying disinfectant.
  3. Use a spray bottle to spray the disinfectant of your choice on the dirty surface. There are several DIY disinfectants like lemon or vinegar that you can use. Check for commercial disinfectant from local hardware if it works for you 
  4. Scrub the affected surface with soap and water until there are no visible stains or smear marks.
  5. Disinfect and scrub again to ensure no bad smell comes from the surfaces. Ensure the surface is spotless clean on the second scrub.
  6. Dry the wet surface with a disposable cloth and check if there any stains left. Repeat the above process if you notice further stains, especially on the walls. 

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