The Best Lease Guarantor Companies in the US

The Best Lease Guarantor Companies: Find a Guarantor Near You

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Last updated on March 8th, 2023 at 06:51 am

A lease guarantor signs an apartment lease alongside a tenant, promising to pay the rent if the tenant fails to do so. Several companies offer guarantor services, including Insurent, The Guarantors, and Leapeasy. These businesses have their own set of requirements and fees for providing guarantor services.

Lease guarantor companies guarantee leases, allowing renters to get the homes they want while allowing property owners to attract more residents, increase their bottom line, and eliminate risks. Requiring a guarantor or co-signer can help rental businesses protect themselves from potential losses due to unpaid rent. Here are the best lease guarantor companies. provides lease guarantee services for tenants who may not have enough credit to secure an apartment on their own. They provide a venue for tenants to meet potential cosigners, such as friends, family members, or professionals.


StuRent is a company that offers lease guarantee services to students and young professionals. They provide a number of packages to meet the needs of various tenants, including options for international students.


Insurent is a well-known lease guarantee company with offices in numerous US cities. They provide flexible lease guarantee options and collaborate with landlords and tenants to make the leasing process as simple as possible.


UniversityParent is a company that specializes in lease guarantee services for parents of college students. They provide a variety of packages that are tailored to the needs of both students and parents, as well as options for international students.

Renters Warehouse 

Renters Warehouse provides full-service property management as well as lease guarantee services. They provide a full range of property management services, including lease guarantees, tenant placement, and rent collection.

These are some of the best lease guarantor companies in the United States, but it’s critical to thoroughly research and compare each company’s services, fees, and policies before making a decision. Furthermore, check with your preferred apartment complex to ensure that they accept the services of the company you are considering.

How To Find Apartments That Accept Guarantors Near Me

Apartments That Accept Guarantors Near Me
  1. Internet search: Use websites like Zillow,, and to find apartments that accept guarantors. Select your desired location using filters and specify that you require a guarantor.
  2. Request referrals: Ask friends, family, or coworkers if they know of any apartments in the desired location that accept guarantors.
  3. Contact property management firms: Look up local property management companies and call them to inquire about their guarantor policies.
  4. Check local classifieds: Look for apartment listings in local classified websites and newspapers. Inquire directly with the landlords or property management companies about their guarantor policies.
  5. Consider working with a real estate agent who specializes in finding rental properties in your area. They might be able to help you find a place that accepts guarantors and guide you through the application process.
  6. Check with college housing offices: If you’re a student, ask your college housing office for a list of apartments in the area that accept students with guarantors.
  7. Contact the landlord directly: Contact the landlords of the properties you’re interested in and inquire about their guarantor policies. Even if it is not explicitly stated on their rental listing, they may be willing to work with you.

How To Find Lease Guarantor Service Near Me

Lease Guarantor Service Near Me

Follow these steps to find a lease guarantor service near you:

  1. Look it up on the internet: Enter keywords like “lease guarantor service near me” or “rental guarantor service in (your city)” into search engines like Google or Bing. This will provide you with a list of nearby service providers.
  2. Examine online directories: Local lease guarantor services can be found on websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List. These directories frequently include customer reviews, which can assist you in selecting the best service provider.
  3. Request recommendations: Contact friends, family, or coworkers who have recently moved into a new apartment. They may be able to recommend a lease guarantor service that they have used in the past.
  4. Contact local real estate agents: Local real estate agents may be able to provide you with information about lease guarantor services in your area. They may also be able to recommend a reputable service provider.
  5. Consult with property management firms: If you want to rent a specific property, the property management company may be able to provide you with information about lease guarantor services that they use.

Before selecting a service provider, it is critical to thoroughly research and compare their services, fees, and reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and follow up with them for more information.

How To Find Third Party Guarantor Service For Lease

Best Third Party Guarantor Service For Lease

A third-party guarantor service is a type of financial service provided by an entity other than the primary borrower and lender. This service guarantees the lender that the loan will be repaid in full even if the borrower defaults.

The third-party guarantor typically charges a fee for their services and may also require collateral or personal guarantees from the borrower to secure the loan.

The borrower benefits because a third-party guarantor increases their chances of loan approval and secures better loan terms because the lender’s risk is reduced. A third-party guarantor can reduce the lender’s risk of loss while increasing the likelihood of loan repayment.

Individuals with a limited credit history or a low credit score, businesses seeking financing, or students seeking a loan for higher education frequently use this type of service.

By lowering the risk of loan default and increasing the likelihood of loan repayment, a third-party guarantor service can benefit both borrowers and lenders.

Follow these steps to find a third-party guarantor service for a lease:

  1. Research: Begin by conducting online research on various third-party guarantor service providers and reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers.
  2. Consult with the landlord: Inquire with your landlord about any preferred third-party guarantor services or service providers.
  3. Contact your neighborhood banks or credit unions: Some banks and credit unions provide third-party guarantor services, so contact them and inquire about their offerings.
  4. Use search engines like Google and Bing: These can help you find third-party guarantor services that offer lease guarantees. Look for specialized services in your country and state.
  5. Compare fees and services: Once you’ve compiled a list of potential service providers, compare their fees and services to see which one best meets your requirements.
  6. Examine their credentials: Check that the service provider is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation in the industry.
  7. Pose questions: Please contact the service providers with any questions you may have about their services and processes.

Best Lease Guarantor Company For Students In The US

The best lease guarantor companies for students in the US include:

  3. Rentler 
  4. Roost
  5. Leap
  6. Insurent

These companies provide lease guarantee services to students who have no credit history or a poor credit score. They act as a guarantor on behalf of the student to ensure that rent is paid on time, even if the student is unable to pay. They usually ask for a small fee as well as some basic information about the student and the lease. Because the services provided by each company may differ, it is critical to carefully read and compare the terms and conditions before selecting a provider.

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