How do professionals remove wallpaper

How Do Professionals Remove Wallpaper?

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Last updated on June 30th, 2023 at 08:54 pm

Removing dull wallpaper makes your apartment look better. Replacing the wallpaper with a more colorful layer of paint might be what you need to decorate and maximize your studio apartment. But how do you remove the wallpaper like a pro without messing with the walls?

We have rounded up the different methods professionals use to remove wallpaper. Let’s find out the steps of each technique below.

Using Water and Vinegar

Most wallpaper adhesives are water-soluble and will disintegrate when you soak the wallpaper with a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Here’s how pros use vinegar and water to remove wallpaper:

  1. Preparing the wall for wallpaper removal by removing hanging picture frames, nails, paintings, etc.
  2. Moving furniture away from the walls and waterproofing surfaces with towels or painter’s tarp.
  3. Turn off power to avoid electric shock when working.
  4. Scoring the wallpaper using a scoring tool to make it easier for removal solution or steam to penetrate the wallpaper and adhesive.
  5. Mixing equal amounts of hot water and vinegar and putting the solution in a spray bottle.
  6. Spray the solution on the wallpaper, small areas at a time, until the whole wallpaper is soaked.
  7. Using a scrapper or knife to lift and peel off the wallpaper carefully.

Steaming the Wallpaper

Professionals use a steamer to soften the wallpaper adhesive so it can peel off without leaving patches. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Preparing the wall for removal, moving furniture away, and waterproofing the surfaces.
  2. Scoring the wallpaper.
  3. Placing the steam plate on the wallpaper, small areas at a time, for a few seconds, then peel the wallpaper.

Applying Wallpaper Removal Solutions

There are several commercially prepared solutions for removing wallpapers from walls. Professionals buy these ready-made solutions, spray them on the walls until the wallpaper is soaked then remove it carefully. Here are the steps:

  1. Preparing the walls for removal, covering electrical switches and sockets, and clearing the walls.
  2. Waterproofing the surfaces.
  3. Scoring the wallpaper.
  4. Spraying the wallpaper removal solution to the wallpaper until it is soaked.
  5. Peeling off the wallpaper carefully with the help of a scrapper or knife.

Wallpaper Removal Hacks

Wallpaper Removal Hacks

Do you want to remove wallpaper like a DIY pro? Below are a few tips and tricks to get the job done:

  • Use scoring tool to make tiny holes in the wallpaper to make it easy for the removal solution to soak in faster
  • No money to buy a pricey wallpaper removal solution? Mix warm water and fabric softener in equal amounts then apply it to the wallpaper using a sponge, leave it to soak for 20 minutes, then peel off the wallpaper.
  • Use a steamer for extensive walls or removing wallpaper in the whole house. It melts the adhesive in a few seconds, making the process fast.
  • Gather essential tools before you begin the wallpaper removal, including a coring tool, steamer, puffy knife or scrapper, ladder or step stool, and protective gear like goggles and gloves
  • A mixture of hot water and vinegar is a cheap yet effective method to remove wallpaper from your walls seamlessly

Removing Wall Paper With Vinegar

Vinegar has multiple uses around the home, and one of its strengths is wallpaper removal. Below are steps to removing wallpaper with vinegar:

  1. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and hot water.
  2. Put the solution in a spray bottle.
  3. Apply the mixture to the wallpaper until the whole surface is soaking wet.
  4. It’s advisable to score the wallpaper before applying the solution to fasten the soaking process.
  5. Locate an edge of the wallpaper, use a scrapper to lift it up and peel the wallpaper carefully.

Removing Wallpaper With Fabric Softener

You can use the regular fabric softener to remove wallpaper from your walls. Follow the below steps:

  1. Mix equal amounts of warm water and fabric softener in a container.
  2. Apply the solution generously to your wallpaper using a spray bottle, sponge, or paint roller.
  3. Let the wallpaper soak in the solution for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Scrap the wallpaper edges carefully using a puffy knife or scrapper, then peel it off carefully.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Wallpaper?

How Long Does It Take To Remove Wallpaper

How long it takes to remove wallpaper depends on various factors, including the type of wallpaper, the size of the room, the age of the wallpaper, and the method used. Generally, you can take one to two days to remove wallpaper in one room.

What Is the Best Wallpaper Removal Solution?

When shopping for wallpaper removal solution, you want the best product to get the job done. Below are our top  three wallpaper removal solutions:

  1. WP Chomp Wallpaper Stripper

This fast-acting wallpaper remover melts the adhesive paste in a few minutes. It is mild on paint and will leave your walls adhesive-free and ready for the next layer of paint or wallpaper. Moreover, it comes in a ready-to-spray bottle.

  1. ROMAN’s Wallpaper Remover Spray (Piranha)

The Piranha wallpaper removal solution is ready to use and packed in an ergonomic spray bottle. It is fast-acting with a decent coverage of about 75 feet per 32-ounce package. However, it’s quite drippy, so work in small portions and waterproof the floor and other surfaces.

  1. Rust-Oleum 2422 DIF Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate

Unlike the above two products, this wallpaper stripper solvent does not come in a sprayer bottle. However, it is easy to use, and applicable to your walls using a sponge, separate sprayer bottle, or paints roller.

Wallpaper Removal Steamer Rental

Wallpaper Removal Steamer Rental

A wallpaper removal steamer works by melting the adhesive holding down the wallpaper, making it easy for you to peel it off seamlessly. You can rent the steamer from home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.  On average, renting a steamer will cost you between $27-$30 per day.

Wallpaper Removal Sheets: Are They Effective?

Besides home DIY wallpaper removal solutions and commercial solvents, you can remove those shady-looking wallpapers using wallpaper removal sheets. Like most first-time users, you may wonder if these sheets are effective. The answer is yes, wallpaper removal sheets aid in the removal of wallpapers. Here’s how these strips work:

  1. Obtain the wallpaper removal kit including the strips, power solution, scoring tool, and pressure sprayer.
  2. Score the wallpaper.
  3. Mix the power solution with warm water in a bucket.
  4. Soak the sheets in the solution for a few minutes.
  5. Apply the wet sheets to the surface of the wallpaper and wait for the solution to penetrate the wallpaper.
  6. Spray the sheets on the wallpaper with more solution (using the pressure sprayer) to keep them moist.
  7. When the wallpaper is soaked and begins to peel off, use the Skimmer tool to skim and remove it.

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