How to Find and Stream the Best In-depth Home Improvement Shows

How to Find and Stream the Best In-depth Home Improvement Shows 

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Experienced DIYers know that there are tons of home do-it-yourself projects available online to draw inspiration from. These kinds of projects can be anything from a small craft to a large room redecoration, and they all center around creating something on a budget, often with repurposed materials. What some might not know though is that there is just as much do-it-yourself inspiration to be found through television shows as there is on the internet.

Just as a good researcher needs to collect bits of information from multiple sources, a good DIY expert needs to gather ideas from multiple sources too. That being said, do-it-yourself enthusiasts can get ideas from a variety of shows, most of which can be found mentioned in home improvement magazines, online TV directories, or on top interior design websites.

Plenty of shows that center on home remodeling and DIY projects can be found on streaming services.

Streaming Service Providers and Top Home Improvement Show Titles Available with Them


Tiny House Nation is hosted by John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, home renovation experts. In this show, these two help regular residents build homes that are always 500 square feet or less, although these homes are much more functional than you’d think they’d be.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is hosted by Marie Kondo, an organizing expert. In Tidying Up, Kondo helps families clean up their homes and always asks the question “does this spark joy?” Also a best-selling author and host of a spin-off series, Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, Kondo’s cleaning style has been mainstream since 2019.

Get Organized with The Home Edit stars the female entrepreneurs who launched The Home Edit, an ultimate home organizing service. In this show, viewers get to see The Home Edit in action while its crew transforms everything from celebrity closets to average homeowner bedrooms.

Property Brothers is hosted by Jonathan and Drew Scott – two brothers who help couples find, buy, and remodel the homes of their dreams.

Amazing Interiors is a series that features houses that seem ordinary from the outside but tell a different story on the inside. Multiple different homeowners are featured on the show and featured interior designs vary from strange to extraordinary, such as one room that has been completely transformed into a science fiction museum.

Best home improvement shows on Netflix


The Great House Revival is hosted by architect Hugh Wallace and follows his journey in helping Irish homeowners restore their century-old houses to a modern standard of living.

Making It is a reality competition show hosted by celebrities Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. In this show available on Hulu + Live TV, expert crafters and DIYers come together to create handmade objects and artwork. With each episode, the most successful contestants come closer to becoming the top maker who wins a grand prize in each season’s finale.


Fixer Upper follows Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Homes, a home remodeling business, as they transform neglected houses into attractive, like-new homes. As Chip works as the construction manager of this couple’s team, Joanna works as the interior designer.

Full Bloom is a reality competition show that showcases the nation’s top florists. In this competition, ten florists are picked-off week by week until one final winner will win a grand prize of $100,000.

Maine Cabin Masters is hosted by Chase Morrill, a builder that specializes in the construction of log cabins in the northeast. Working alongside his family and friends, Morrill works in this show to repair and renovate rustic cabins all over the woods of Maine.


Reno My Rental stars host Carmeon, who helps average renters make their spaces more home-like. In the transformation process, the essential structure of each rental is left unchanged, and all modifications are made on a set budget.

Flip or Flop follows power couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they buy and renovate houses in need of updating on the market. Along the way, viewers get to see the drastic ups and downs of their remodeling process, including the wait for an eventual buyer at the end of each episode.

Rehab Addict follows host Nicole Curtis, a self-proclaimed home remodeling addict. Through the Rehab Addict series, viewers get to see multiple historic structures of Michigan and Minnesota transform into an updated state.

Best home improvement shows on Hulu


Chateau DIY is a British TV show that follows British families as they buy and move into the chateaux of France. These chateaux, or abandoned castles, are then remodeled to become cozier and more adapted to modern living.

Apple TV

Good Bones follows Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak, a mother-daughter duo, as they work to revive “diamond in the rough” homes around their hometown, Indianapolis. With each remodel, they have a set budget and timeframe to stick to, which certainly keeps things interesting.

Love It or List It follows different homeowners in each episode who no longer enjoy their homes. To settle these homeowners’ problems, interior designer Hilary Farr works to renovate their current homes while real estate agent David Visentin shows the homeowners new housing options. At the end of each episode, the homeowners must decide if they’d like to stay in their current home with its new look or choose to move into a different place.

Backyard Envy is hosted by three “manscapers” that help clients transform their houses’ landscapes. Along the way, the manscapers start disagreements over rooftop gardens and backyard patios, all while trying to keep their work within their own deadlines.

Closing Thoughts

When you need some fresh DIY inspiration, and if you’ve exhausted your usual sources such as magazines and websites, consider checking out a DIY-related show. Plenty of shows ready to spark your creativity exist on streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery+, Peacock, and Apple TV. There are many other shows (not listed above) that are waiting to be discovered.

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