Colors That Make You Happy and Energetic

10 Colors That Make You Happy And Energetic

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Last updated on October 4th, 2022 at 08:18 am

Human beings are wired to respond to the stimuli of color. It’s the first thing your brain notices when you look at something. This perfect coordination between the sight and the brain can impact mood and evoke emotions differently. The feelings can vary based on gender.

For instance, black and dark brown colors in a guy’s room create feelings of confidence and security. The same colors will impact the female gender quite differently. However, some colors are natural mood enhancers and will automatically lift your spirits, gender notwithstanding. Here are ten colors that’ll make you happy and leave you feeling energized even on your bad day.


Yellow is a warm color associated with lots of energy, optimism, and happiness. Many happy things, including sunshine, baby chicks, and sunflowers are all yellow. Designers use yellow to evoke feelings of cheerfulness and leave the viewer feeling active and anxious. Looking at yellow colors in the morning can help you start the day in high spirits.


Red is another warm color just next to yellow and orange on the color wheel. It’s a dynamic color that can evoke different feelings depending on the setting. It can make you feel passionate, energized, and loving. Think of a valentine’s card, a red rose, and Santa Clause. All these create feelings that make you happy.

Red is also associated with danger and alertness. A lot of red can increase your heart rate and make you feel excited. The red color is used in traffic lights to warn you to stop. It’s a great color choice if you want to draw attention.   


Orange evokes positive energy just like red and yellow. Surrounding yourself with orange leaves you feeling enthusiastic and energetic. More energy makes you feel happy. Orange is a perfect choice for those who don’t like overpowering happy colors like red and yellow. It’s more balanced and friendly.


Magenta is a highly pigmented color with powerful effects on human emotions. It combines the overpowering effect of red and the quiet energy of purple, giving it an emotional balance of cheerfulness, passion, and contentment. Magenta is a feminine color that makes you feel optimistic and eager to explore new ideas.


Colors That Make You Happy and Calm

Pink is a happy color mostly associated with romance and sensitivity. It combines white and red and has a delicate and soft feminine feel. Pink evokes mental energy mostly associated with sensitive souls that value love, innocence, and optimism. IT’s a diluted red and thus tends to evoke vitality more subtly than other bright colors.  


Turquoise combines the elements of blue and green, making it both a calm and vibrant color. It’s a highly pigmented color that also has shades of yellow. Turquoise thus balances serenity, calmness, and energetic feelings when used on a surface. It can also help improves focus and enhance creativity.

Neon Green

Neon green is a strong bright color associated with vitality. Its vibrant and happy nature makes it a favorite color for nightlife and clubbing décor, especially when combined with other dark colors like midnight blue. Neon green can also be used to signal danger. Most high-visibility clothing like traffic police jackets and other signage use neon green.

Light Blue

Many people associate the blue color with sadness, thus the famous phrase, “feeling blues” when one feels down-spirited. However, light blue colors also create calmness and serenity when used in specific settings. A serene environment is closely related to a happy soul.

You’ll hardly walk into an amusement park and fail to see light blue decorations among other bright colors. Blue is also one of the beautiful colors of the rainbow.


Many feminine colors are associated with happy feelings. Lilac is a perfect color to uplift your mood when you feel low. It’s in the same category as light pink and peach—all associated with optimism and happiness. Lilac is also cool and warm and mostly appears during Easter and springtime. 

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are optimistic colors that portray wealth and success. Financial security makes everyone happy. Many couples look forward to celebrating their silver and gold anniversary each year. Christmas trees and wedding rings are made in silver and gold to elicit happiness during celebrations.

Colors That Make You Happy and Calm

Some colors make you happy without evoking the stimulating energy that makes you want to explore. Such colors give peace of mind for chill activities like meditation. Blue colors come to mind when you think of serenity and calmness. Although blue is also associated with sadness, looking at a light blue or royal blue can make you happy and peaceful. 

What Is the Best Color for Happiness

Turquoise is another great color choice for a calm and happy feeling. Turquoise combines the calming elements of blue and the happy feelings of yellow to give you a perfectly serene and happy atmosphere.

What Is the Best Color for Happiness?

Many bright and feminine colors are associated with a happy mood and energetic atmosphere. They are mostly warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange. However, these colors, especially red, can also grab attention and evoke fear.

However, if your focus is on finding a friendly color that’ll give you an instant feeling of happiness at one glance, then you can never go wrong with yellow. Yellow color is scientifically proven to release serotonin—a neurotransmitter body chemical that modulates mood to make you feel healthy.

Consider gazing at the sun or any other yellow colors within your room in the morning if you want to start your day on a happy note. You may paint your kitchen yellow if you spend some time there in the morning. 

Happy Colors Psychology

All happy colors share one thing—the lighter it is, the happier and more optimistic it will make you feel. All warm colors, red, yellow, and orange are the happiest colors due to the stimulating and brightening effect they create. They also evoke feelings of love and passion. However, due to their attention-grabbing nature, happy colors are also associated with caution and warnings, which can make your heart rate increase. 

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