How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

How to Find Lost Remote Car Key

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Every car owner has misplaced or lost their car keys at some point. Disorganization is usually the main reason for losing a car key. Finding the key can be daunting, especially if you live in a smaller house with many things.

Some common places to look for keys include the couch, your pockets, or your backpack. You can also apply a few tricks and lower your chances of losing your remote car key. But if it’s already happened, here are some things you can do to find a lost remote car key— including using a Bluetooth finder.

How to Find Car Keys with Phone

More than a decade ago, you’d not imagine locating something like a car key with a few phone clicks. Today, in an increasingly connected world, almost all important daily activities, including making bank transactions are possible through the phone.

To locate your lost car keys using your phone, you’ll need a Bluetooth finder, also known as a Bluetooth tracker. It’s a small electronic device attached to your keychain or any other object like a wallet you’d like to track. The phone uses radio technology to connect the key fob and transit data when you launch a search. The key must be within a range of about 200ft.

How To Find Lost Keys At Home

Losing a key within your home is normal. But locating it back can drive you crazy after several unsuccessful searches.

Here’s what you can do to find your lost keys at home.

  • Do not panic. Relax and search.
  • Retract your steps
  • Check different cloth pockets.
  • Use a smart key finder. The small device connects to your phone through an app and helps you locate your keys and vice-versa.

Any of the above tips should lead you to your keys if you lose them within your home.

How To Find Lost Car Keys With Chip

You may not be able to get back a lost key, but you can use the key chip to gain access to your car. Pull the chip from the original key and keep it safe. If you lose the original car key, use the chip in a different key fob to gain access to your car. This is an excellent option if you only have one key for your vehicle.

How To Find Lost Car Keys Outside

How To Find Lost Keys At Home

Unlike locating a car key lost within the home, losing your car key outside can create a lot of panic and tension. Unfortunately, panicking can only make the search more stressful.

Stay calm and look in the proximity first. Retrace your steps and ask people from areas you visited. Use a smart key finder if you’re convinced the keys are lost a few feet away. Extend your search to lost and found bins in your area if you can spare some time. Otherwise, the last viable option is to contact the authorities if all efforts fail.

Weird Places to Look for Lost Keys

Many people tend to overthink when they realize their keys are missing. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary guesswork, sometimes even double-checking the same spots, look at these weird places your keys may be hiding.

  • At the car trunk or the roof
  • On your Door lock
  • In the bathroom
  • At the kitchen
  • Check under the key hook.
  • Different clothes pockets
  • On the couch
  • Trash can
  • In your backpack or bag

How To Find Lost Keys App: Is There One?

A quick search of the words “how to find lost keys app” from your browser will yield thousands of results of people talking about apps for finding lost keys for Android and iOS. Compare what’s available and pick what’s works for you better.

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