Best Room Colors for Guys

The Best Room Colors for Guys: 5 Great Options

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Color plays an important role in our lives. The right colors for a room can add more life and boost your mood. For instance, many people use a navy blue color scheme in their living rooms for its perceived psychological calming effect.

And although color choices for homes are different among people, the modern-day social structure has a standard they consider masculine or feminine. Style and mannerism also play a role in defining masculine and feminine colors. Here are great color ideas for a guy’s room decor.

Blue: Living Room and Bedroom

Many guys swear by blue as a favorite color. It’s suitable for the bedroom as it promotes sleep, but you’ll never go wrong with it in the living room for serenity. Since many men are clueless about colors, blue is deemed a safe choice that’s both conservative and traditional. 

Gray: Bedroom

Gray is a luxurious color men prefer to use in the bedroom to portray elegance and class. The natural calming and relaxing feel will turn any bedroom into a sleeping oasis. It’s a diverse color available in dark gray, ash, or charcoal for those who dislike the brighter accent in gray.  

Green: Living Room and Bedroom

Green is associated with manly pursuits like hunting and gambling. The color also represents nature, fertility, money, and growth. It’s a significant color when used to give a relaxing ambiance in the living room. Green is an excellent color any young army man would love in his bedroom.

Moroccan Red: Kitchen, Living Room, and Bedroom

Moroccan red is a great color choice for men who want to convey a sense of status. The brown and orange undertones blend well with the popping red to give it a calming, earthy feel without attracting much attention. It’s a welcoming color suitable for the guy’s kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The color represents bravery, hardiness, valor, and strength in the Moroccan flag—qualities all men desire to possess. 

White: Bedroom and Living Room

White allows you to decorate with many colors. Dark curtains blend well with even darker bedding and a bright white wall. Pair it with a beige sofa set, dark curtains, and navy blue wall painting to add some life to your living room.

Masculine Paint Colors for Bachelor Pad

Masculine Paint Colors for Bachelor Pad

Many bachelor pads are small living spaces that require significant thought in designing to create more space. The choice of color plays a vital role in achieving a masculine look and keeping the room stylish. Here are masculine paint colors you can use in a bachelor pad.


Red is a warm yet vibrant color that makes you stand out. It’s an unconventional color with an energizing effect that most men like. Red colors are also associated with good fortunes and happiness.

Dark Brown

Brown is a diverse color that combines cool taupes or deep chocolate to give it a dark natural feel. It’s a natural color associated with masculine qualities like dependability, resilience, and security.


Black is a symbol of power and prestige. It’s a great color choice for strong-willed guys who want to exude confidence and their ability to control their surroundings.

Best Color for Men’s Bedroom Accent Wall

A perfect color choice for a guy’s bedroom accent wall can add a sense of excitement when appropriately tied with the room’s color scheme and design. Bright or dark colors such as white will make any bedroom feel bigger when used on an accent wall. Stick to black and white, brown, or gray for a more masculine touch.

Best Teenage Room Paint Colors for Guys

A typical teeny’s bedroom is predominantly vibrant colors that exude energy in the young boys. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with other color sheds to achieve a sophisticated look that appeals to you’re a teenager. Here is a great color combination that will uplift the teen’s room.

Bold Colors

Teenagers love bold and vibrant colors that match their energy levels. Anything purple, yellow, white-gray, or orange will make a great entertaining space for a teenager. Since all bright or dark colors can be overwhelming, balance the mood with deep red, blue, or black accent colors.

Natural Colors

Best Teenage Room Paint Colors for Guys

Natural colors are associated with a relaxed atmosphere full of life. Add some dark or light shades of green to your teens’ room to create a soothing environment that they’ll love. Alternatively, you can go for a white and earth-brown combo and add some flowers to add life to the room.

Accent Colors

Choose deep accent colors like blue, black, and deep red for your teen’s accent walls. Play with different designs to add interest and inject energy into the room. Accent colors will add fun to functional spaces in a room and make it more lively. However, as a rule of thumb, accent color should not take more than 10% of the room’s interior design.

Neutral Colors

Neutral beige and warm brown or cream are favorites for many teens’, especially for bedrooms. They have muted shades that look dull until you pass some light in their underlying hues. They have a relaxing feel any young guy would love.

Painting Tips for Beginners  

Painting is an art that takes practice to perfect. Anyone with the right mindset can learn how to paint using the right tools. Use these tips to make your painting look professional even if you’re a beginner.

  • Practice with acrylic paints. They are the most friendly for beginners compared to oils and watercolors.
  • Learn to blend colors and save on unnecessary costs for already mixed paints.
  • Practice with simple subjects like still lifes and upgrade to complex compositions like portraits and landscapes.
  • Normalize keeping your subject on the opposite side to avoid blocking the view while painting. For instance, the subject should be on the right-hand side if you-re left-handed.

Painting is a valuable skill any DIYer can learn. Besides saving you the money you would pay a professional painter to refurbish your home, painting also offers therapeutic benefits to the body. It helps you relax, lowers stress, and boosts your mood. 

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