Do realtors help with finding rentals

Do Realtors Help with Finding Rentals?

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Last updated on November 9th, 2022 at 10:13 am

If you’ve ever tried to find the right apartment, you know that it’s a daunting task. The idea of getting help from someone knowledgeable in the industry brings some much-needed relief. And who better to do it than a realtor? Yes, realtors help with finding rentals even though most people will contact them for help to buy a home. 

While a quick online search can show you apartments for rent in your area, a realtor would be a more helpful source. They deal with properties and landlords almost every day so they have contacts and information on vacant houses. This will save you money, time, and effort.

How Much Do Realtors Charge to Find a Rental?

Some realtors will do it free of charge hoping that they’ll benefit from referrals to prospective homeowners and repeat clients after that. On the other hand, other realtors will charge depending on location. A realtor in New York will not charge the same as a realtor in Nebraska.

It’s common for realtors to charge one month’s rent, but this is not always the case. In some states, realtors will charge half of a month’s rent while in larger cities like Los Angeles, they may charge more than a month’s rent. In most cases, the property owner pays the realtor.

How Do Realtors Get Paid For Rentals?

There’s no ‘set in stone’ way for realtors to get paid for rentals. It depends on the location and the preferences of the parties involved.

A realtor could get paid by either the renter or landlord depending on where the surplus is. If there are more prospective renters looking for houses, they will pay the realtor. If the landlords exceed the number of renters, they pay. In case the numbers are even, they may decide to split the fees.

Rental contracts vary. Sometimes a realtor will represent both seller and buyer. In this case, the realtor will receive full commission. In some cases, the tenant will pay the realtor one month’s salary plus a security deposit. They will pay the landlord after removing their cut.

When someone is buying a house, the realtor will wait for the closing to get paid. But when it’s a rental arrangement, the realtor receives payment soon after the lease signing.

Realtors That Help Find Rentals with Bad Credit: How to Find Them

How Much Do Realtors Charge to Find a Rental

It’s common knowledge that landlords favor tenants with perfect credit scores. What happens when your credit score is anything but? Can realtors help? How do you find those realtors? Simply type into your Google search bar, ‘Realtors that help find rentals with bad credit’ or ‘realtors that help find rentals with bad credit near me’ and you’ll find what you need.

Who Can Help Me Find An Apartment For Rent?

Working with a realtor will make finding an apartment so much easier than searching online. The same goes for buying or selling. Their market knowledge and experience will make it a smooth ride especially if you’re planning to live in a new city. They’ll help you connect with the right community. The realtor will thoroughly read the lease to help protect your rights as a tenant.

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