Colors that match dark green

5 Interior Colors That Match Dark Green

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Dark green is versatile, varied, and can work in any space and style. Dark green shades vary from emerald green and forest green to gray greens with black and muddy brown undertones. This nature-inspired hue creates a sense of abundance, rest, and comfort making it a no-brainer for a refreshing interior

Dark green on its own may get boring or overwhelming, so why not match it with the right color for an appealing aesthetic? While many colors are a great match, be careful to incorporate the right amount for the perfect balance. Let’s look at 5 colors that match dark green:  

Dark Green and Yellow

This rich combination works for almost every room in the home. Don’t worry about yellow being too bright. You can tone it down with mustard yellow which is close to dark green on the color wheel. A velvet mustard yellow sofa against a neutral wall with a dark green rug, green patterned cushions, and natural brown coffee tables and bookcases create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere.

Dark Green and Pink

This pair is trendy and proof that opposites attract. Pink brightens a dark green room and adds a playful vibe to it. Cerise pink is a cool tone and the best shade to pair with dark green. Your pink cushions will pop on a dark green sofa. Also, consider pink lampshades and pink-themed wall hangings against a green wall. For an interesting aesthetic, try pink or green patterned wallpaper. Use the pink sparingly so that it stands out.

Dark Green and White

Colors that match with forest green

Dark green and white are a striking combination. White brings a sharp contrast to the color scheme, giving you a fresh-looking interior. Whether it’s pure white or off-white, dark green is a perfect match. For your living room, consider all-white walls, a dark green sofa, green leaf and white patterned curtains, and silver or white accessories. Dark green walls paired with white linen and curtains will make your bedroom cozy.

Dark Green and Gold

Nothing says opulence like dark green with a little Midas touch. Individually, each color is spectacular; together, dark green and gold are outstanding. Gold plant pots, lampstands, console tables, coffee tables, and side tables are great for this scheme. Gold-framed photos and wall art against the wall work as well. Incorporate this luxurious neutral with gold fittings like cabinet knobs and door handles. All these ideas make your space look luxurious without overpowering it.

Dark Green and Red

This festive duo is not just for the holidays. Now, before you say this combination is too “Chrismassy”, think about using red as an accent color that energizes the space. The right amount of red will make your space warm and delightful, not tacky. Simple elements like a few red cushions or a red accent chair will give your green interior the spark it needs. Avoid metallic red tones and go for earthy or brick red instead. This combo is great for retro, Moroccan, modern, mid-century, and many other styles. 

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