Navy Blue Living Room Color Scheme

How to Create a Navy Blue Living Room Color Scheme

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This happens to almost everyone – the color scheme in your living room loses its appeal and you crave something more exciting. Something fresh. If you’re looking to upgrade your space with a polished look, navy blue is the way to go. 

Imagine sitting by the calm sea under a clear sky enjoying a cool summer breeze. That’s how it feels to relax in a living room decorated with navy blue the right way. 

This soothing color is not limited to coastal spaces. It works for any style from vintage to modern and everything in between. Here’s how to create a navy blue living room color scheme: 

Bold Navy Blue Backdrop

Navy blue creates a homely and cozy feel but the idea of painting your living room walls all navy blue may seem overwhelming. Simply brighten up the room with a light-colored (preferably white) ceiling and window dressings. Hang a large mirror beside or opposite a window to reflect natural light in the room. 

Create a fun and less serious look by matching the walls with different colored sofas, storage units, rugs, and wall hangings. These colors may include mustard, mint green, ivory, light shades of pink, and turquoise. Avoid painting all navy blue walls in a tiny room with no natural light.

Add a Navy Blue Sofa or Sectional 

If you love hosting, you’ll appreciate a navy blue sofa. When people walk into your living room, the first thing they notice is your sofa. It takes center stage, so why not make it visually appealing in navy blue. To make it stand out, keep your walls light with neutral paint.

Take great care in decorating around the sofa so that it remains the highlight of the room. A yellow rug matches well. The vibrant yellow and calming blue create a relaxing sanctuary. Also, mix different colors of throw pillows like bright yellow and slightly lighter shades of blue. 

Navy Blue Living Room Ideas

Use Navy Blue Accent Pieces and Wall Hangings

Do you want to keep the navy blue scheme cute and simple? Is your living room relatively small? Or are you on a budget? Navy accent pieces and wall hangings will create a cohesive theme without the color taking over the living room.   

Accent chairs, ottomans, benches, and rugs will perfectly contrast neutral colored walls and sofas, carrying this calm hue throughout the living room. This goes well with a large or a set of symmetrical navy blue wall hangings against a grey wall.

Add Navy Blue Patterns

A navy blue color scheme doesn’t have to come in plain blocks of color. Not all spaces support this, especially if your living room is small. Simplify your decor by incorporating various navy blue patterns within other colors like grey and white.

Patterns can apply to different elements like pillows, curtains, rugs, and lampshades. Keep the floor and walls neutral so that you can play around with the patterns for a classic feel. Stay away from busy patterns. Keep them simple for a classic look.

An accent wall is a chic, minimalist, and bold approach to incorporating a navy blue color scheme. Hang a neutral oversized wall painting to match the surrounding walls. Add personality to your accent wall with printed navy blue wallpaper instead of plain paint.

Your accent wall can be the one behind the TV or the fireplace wall. In this case, keep the walls plain so that the fireplace or TV remains the focus of the room.

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