Colors that match with maroon walls

5 Interior Colors That Match with Maroon

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Not to be confused with burgundy, this rich brownish-red color is a careful mix of red, blue and yellow. Burgundy on the other hand is a combination of red and purple. Maroon is a warm and comforting color, popular in living rooms, dens, and dining rooms but works in kitchens and bathrooms too. 

Using too much of it will overpower your space and evoke strong emotions like anger. Balance it out with a neutral color or use it for accent pieces and accessories. While you can’t match maroon with just any color, with some colors you can’t go wrong. Here are 5 interior colors that match with maroon:

Maroon and White 

White matches any color on the wheel. When it comes to interiors, it’s associated with the words bright, fresh and clean. When paired with maroon, white brightens the room and makes it look spacious while maroon brings depth and warmth. For a polished look, keep maroon at a minimum as too much of its dark tone will overwhelm your space. In all-white rooms, consider maroon throw pillows, blankets, accent chairs, and an accent wall. 

Maroon and Blue

A perfect pair – but only with softer shades of blue. Blue is synonymous with ‘calm’, probably because it reflects the nature of the sky and the sea. Its soothing and peaceful effect makes it a great choice for your interiors. Blue brings in vibrancy and balances out the richness of maroon. A light blue shade like blue-gray or teal is the perfect backdrop for the living room or bedroom. Add a maroon rug, beddings, and throw pillows. 

Maroon and Brown

Colors That Match with Maroon

Brown is a safe choice because it complements almost every color. Brown brings in a sense of comfort and security mostly because of its dominance in the environment in form of trees. Brown and maroon can work well in most rooms. If the thought of brown walls doesn’t excite you, consider a neutral wall with a brown couch and maroon accessories. You can also incorporate brown in form of wooden bookcases, flooring, and coffee/console tables. 

Maroon and Gold

Bold and sophisticated is what this pair is all about. Gold is generally associated with affluence, accomplishment, and prestige. If you’re going for a luxurious and regal feel, this is it. Both colors have a rich quality which requires a neutral color to even them out. Gold accent piecesportionslighting, and décor objects will complement a maroon couch and neutral throw pillows. In the bedroom, maroon beddings and a neutral wall would look great.

Maroon and Black

Black is not all gloom and doom. When it comes to interiors and it’s paired with the right color, black can be beautiful. Over the past decades black has evolved into a minimalist and elegant color. Both colors are rich and have depth but they match excellently. It’s advisable to use both colors in moderation and add a neutral color to keep the room light and balanced. A white wall, black furniture, and maroon accessories are a great combination for the living room.

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