Long Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

5 Long Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 07:48 am

It’s everyone’s dream to live in a house where every item effortlessly has a place. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case for those who buy readily constructed houses or live in rented houses due to various circumstances. If unlucky, you may find yourself living in a house with extremely tiny rooms, rooms with slanted walls, or just plain awkward spaces.

Decorating such spaces can pose a great challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. Regardless, there’s always a solution to every design. Here are some expert layout ideas you can use to decorate any awkward living room and make it feel warm and spacious.

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Utilize both wall and vertical floor spaces. Hang photographs and other great artworks to create a universal sightline and eliminate awkwardness on the wall. Use tall casement pieces or wall-mounted shelving in empty spaces for storage. Arrange your furniture across the space. This way, you’ll visually push the walls outwards, thus making the room look spacious. Instead of one long sofa against the longer side of the wall, use two mid-sized sofas placed width-size facing each other, leaving walkways on the sides. 

Create Separate Zones

Awkward living room layout with TV

A long living room can be a great open-plan space when thoughtfully decorated. You don’t want to make your living room feel like a hall. There are clever ways you can use to unite two rooms. Place one sofa set against the room’s length to create separate zones. You can separate the zones into a conversation nook and a dining or TV area. Throw rugs around to make such spaces more defined.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Think of furniture with curved silhouettes or round edges. This is a great trick to soften the rigidness of any space by creating a smooth and pleasing movement for the eye. Such furniture could be the pouf or a small glass coffee table. Avoid oversized sofas that could block the walkways. Choose sofas and chairs with exposed legs and open arms. This will allow more light into the room, thus making it look more spacious. Alternate your furniture to create an S-shape traffic flow instead of one straight line.   

Use the Right Paint

Rectangle awkward living room layout ideas

Paints can change the feeling of a room and create a spacious illusion to any tiny space. Depending on the illusion you want to achieve, use lighter shades on two opposing walls to create a lengthy impression or dark shades for a short and cozy space. Light colors are ideal in a zoned living room for a more extended appearance.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Nothing works magic like strategically placed mirrors in an awkward or tiny living space. When used right, the reflection creates a bright and cozy ambiance in any room. Consider hanging a mirror opposite or close to a window to broaden the feel of your long awkward living room. Mirrors will reflect both artificial and natural lights at any time of the day and make your room feel bright and spacious.

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