Why Does My Bed Squeak

Why Does My Bed Squeak So Much?

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 07:54 am

Many people enjoy a deep sleep in a calm and quiet environment. Any disruptive noise will keep you turning and tossing throughout the night. A squeaky bed is a terrible case scenario that many people have experienced at least once. A slight impact while tossing or turning can deny you a peaceful night’s sleep. And if there’s a place you should rest, it’s in your bedroom.

Squeaky beds are always a result of loose bolts, old box springs, or warped pieces of wood or metal. Fortunately, these are all easy-to-fix problems using DIY solutions. But first, you must be able to establish the noise source. This post will discuss what causes a squeaky bed and how to fix the problem.

Why Does My Bed Creak When I Move?

A new bed is fun to sleep on. It is the most comfortable place to relax after a long day of grinding. Any disturbance noise whenever you climb on the bed to nap or catch a night sleep can be a big turn-off.

Unfortunately, your bed is prone to wear and tear after some time using it. You’ll start noticing some noise coming from your bed whenever some pressure or weight is applied to it. This can grow into an annoying creak over time even at the slightest movement. When this occurs, it’s always due to the following reasons.

Squeaky Box Spring

Some box springs have hundreds of coils suspended inside. This makes them highly susceptible to creaking if the coils clink together. Those with actual springs are unlikely to produce a creak, but it’s still possible. Whichever the case, none can be replaced, and you may need to replace the entire box spring. 

Squeaky Mattress

The creak on your bed can come from your mattress. This mainly occurs if you’re using a hybrid spring mattress. You can determine the source of the creak by pushing hard into different parts of the mattress, especially the region you sleep mostly. The creak will always occur from weak inner metal springs.

Squeaky Bed Frame

How to Fix Squeaky Bed Frame Wood

If the creak is not coming from the box spring or the mattress, your bed frame is probably the culprit. It could be improper assembly or different pieces rubbing against each other. Shake the bed without the mattress to determine the source of the squeaks on the bed frame.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

A squeaky bed is primarily due to loose bolts, a wobbly bed frame or foundation, or an old box spring. Once you identify the squeak source, apply the below DIY solutions to fix it.

  • Cushion the slats using old socks, t-shirts, or a towel. Placing them between two rubbing slats is an instant noise-canceling cushion.
  • Use oil on squeaky bed frame joints and rusted bolts. Candle wax or beeswax will work well for a wooden bed frame.
  • An uneven floor can also cause squeaking. If that’s the case, consider adding floor padding. You can use a folded sheet, an old t-shirt, or a piece of a folded towel.
  • The noise may also come from the coils of an old hybrid spring mattress. If that’s the case, consider replacing it since you can not fix the inner coils or springs.
  • Whether wood or metal, some bed frames may be too old for fixing using the above solutions. Now is the time to consider buying a new bed to avoid recurring frustrations.

How to Fix Squeaky Bed Frame

A bed frame or a bedstead is made from wood or metal. The frame consists of a head, foot, and side rails. When these components become reasons, your bed will squeak. It could be due to deformed wood resulting from weather changes, or bolts becoming loose after a certain period of bed activities. Whichever the case here are tips to fix your squeaky bed frame. 

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed
  • Tighten all the bolts holding the bed frame together.
  • Consider adding washers or replacing bolts in case the threads have worn out after repeated tightening.
  • Use some oil to lubricate squeaking joints. You can apply candle wax or hard soap for a wood bed frame.
  • Wedge a cork between the squeaky wood pieces if you don’t want to use lubricants.
  • Replace metallic or plastic casters with rubber if that is the source of squeak.
  • The last solution is to buy a new bed frame if all the above resolutions fail. Get a versatile bed frame that works with different setups.

How to Fix Squeaky Bed Frame Wood

Weather changes can cause wood to either swell or contract. This deformation is the primary cause of the squeaks you hear that never existed before. Wood-to-wood friction may not produce sharp squeaks as metal bed frames would. Still, the squeaks can be irritating enough to deny you a peaceful sleep. Use the below tips to fix a squeaky bed frame wood once you establish the source.

  • Check for loose bolts and tighten them up. Rock the bed to test if the noise is still there.
  • Coat the screws with beeswax or hard soap.
  • Remove all the screws and bolts and spray them with a lubricant. Fix them back and rock the bed to test.
  • Apply wax or talcum powder between the two rubbing wood pieces.
  • Replace metal washers with plastic.
  • Place a thick piece of cloth between two frame pieces producing the squeak.

How to Fix Squeaky Bed Frame Metal

A squeak from a metal bed frame can be a nuisance. Friction between metals is worse and can produce sharp squeaks that’ll keep you tossing and turning the whole night. It is common with old beds with rust or loose bolts. Here’s what you can do to fix a squeak from your metallic bed frame.

  • Check for loose bolts and tighten. Consider adding washers for a snug and quiet fit.
  • Use lubricants on rusty or corroded screws and other metal parts holding together.
  • Use extra padding between the box spring and the bed frame. You can use a few expendable clothes if you don’t want to spend on foam bed padding.
  • Use oil or add a bit of wax on the loose, squeaky joints. If you choose to wax over a professional oil such as W-D40, ensure you apply several coats to make it effective.
  • Some of the above solutions may be temporary solutions. If the squeaking keeps recurring, consider buying a new bed frame.

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