How to Decorate a Living Room with a Fireplace in the Middle

How to Decorate a Living Room with a Fireplace in the Middle

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 07:55 am

Fireplaces are instant accent pieces that add glamor and create a relaxing ambiance when placed in any room. Statistics show a prevalence of fireplaces in the living room more than any space in many homes. Regardless of your interior design, a fireplace remains a focal point of attention that serves many purposes other than heating the room.   

It offers even more benefits when positioned in the middle of the room. The symmetry makes it easy to decorate and arrange the furniture to achieve a balanced layout. You can make it stand out even further by framing it to complement the surrounding colors on the wall and furniture. Just ensure your furniture and rugs leave enough walking spaces in between.

How to Arrange a Small Living Room with Fireplace Layout

A fireplace gives your living room a warm feel, a welcoming vibe, and a stylish look. Staging a small living room with a fireplace while maintaining the recommended three-feet distance from the furniture can be challenging. It requires a little creativity to achieve the balance. Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Declutter the area around the fireplace
  • Keep a few necessities in the living room (sofa, small coffee table, TV)
  • Hang a few mirrors on the wall opposite the fireplace. This will create the illusion of an expansive room besides enhancing beauty.
  • Paint your walls with colors that make your room look bigger.
How to Arrange a Small Living Room with Fireplace Layout

How to Decorate a Living Room with a Fireplace in the Corner

Corner fireplaces are awkward and tricky to stage than a fireplace in the middle or flat walls. Achieving the desired harmony and balance requires playing around with the arrangement of the furniture.

Place one sofa perpendicular to your corner fireplace. Place the second sofa or two accent chairs diagonally opposite the first sofa. The result should be an L-shape furniture layout with an overall proportional look. This layout for decorating a living room with a fireplace in the corner applies to small and larger rooms.

Family Room with Fireplace and TV Decorating Ideas

A fireplace and a nice TV screen have one thing in common—both grab attention when one enters a room. However, unlike the living room, which is usually designed for entertaining guests, a family room is more casual and takes a slightly different layout. Here are some decorating ideas for a family room with a fireplace.

  • Place the TV close to the fireplace so that both serve as focal points
  • Arrange the furniture to face the TV with the fireplace on one side. This allows you to focus on the TV alone while enjoying warmth cast from the fireplace from the side.
  • Use a darker tone on the fireplace area and other surfaces to enhance coziness. TV disappears into the dark surrounding when it’s turned off.
  • Minimize visual clutter by keeping walls bare or with little art
  • Maximize the walking space by minimizing the accent pieces. A coffee table, one accent chair, and a sofa are enough.

Where to Put TV in Living Room with Fireplace

Key focal points of focus are better placed in close proximity. The best place to mount the TV is in the corner where the perpendicular wall meets the fireplace wall. Still, you can arrange your sitting area to face the TV and have the fireplace on one side. Avoid hanging your TV over the fireplace—electronics and excessive heat don’t mix.

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