How to Make a Formal Living Room More Usable

How to Make a Formal Living Room More Usable

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 08:39 am

You’re stuck wondering what to do with your formal living room because they are out of style and no one spends time there. In the past, its main function was to entertain guests in a formal setting. Today, homeowners are more casual with hosting guests and functionality is important. So, what do you do with your space? Simply discover how to make a formal living room more usable.

You can start with adding items that will get you, other people at home, and your guests in there. A bookshelf is perfect for book worms. They’ll want to sit in there for hours. A piano is a great addition if you like to play or listen to music. A desk is practical for working at home, or you could add a television for some great entertainment.

What Can You Turn a Formal Living Room into?

Instead of letting your formal living room space and fancy furniture continue collecting dust, why not turn the space into something more practical? You can use one of these ideas to make your room one worth spending time in.

1.      Library

Yes, it’s the digital age where you can get whatever book you want by a few clicks of a button on your phone, computer or Kindle. So why waste space with actual books? Well, paper books still have an appeal to the avid reader whether that’s you or someone else you live with so get those dusty books out of those storage boxes and put them on display.

Having a library is a more organized way of keeping your huge book collection. Besides setting up bookshelves, make the space cozy. You’ll also need a comfortable chair or sofa to sit comfortably while you read and sip on a cup of coffee. If you’re an academic with lots of reading material, this space will benefit you too.

2.      Family Room

Create a separate space from the living room where your family can spend time together hanging out and watching television. It’s a more casual space than the living room which is mostly for entertaining guests and extended family.

Some families call this space the ‘media’ room because this is where they go for entertainment on the TV, with video games and the internet. A family room usually features casual seating with durable fabrics, family portraits, and laid back cozy accessories like throw pillows and blankets.

3.      Children’s Playroom

What Can You Turn a Formal Living Room into?

Give your children their own part of the house where they can safely and happily make a mess (and probably clean up after). The rest of your house will remain tidy and play dates will be much easier to manage. The children will also learn how to share and be responsible for their play room.

If your formal living room is located at the entrance of your house, this might not be such a great idea but if it’s in a contained location, it will be perfect. Furnish your babies’ new space with dark-colored sofas, toy boxes, a craft table, toy cubbies, and easy-to-clean flooring.

4.      Adult Game Room

Adults need play time too. Now you’ll be able to invite your close friends over for a game of ping pong, foosball, pool or board games to wind down after a long day. Other people in the house will experience little inconvenience by your excitement and conversation.

If you play competitive sports, use this space to display your achievements, certificates, trophies, medals. You can also turn it into a mini-arcade and play pinball to your heart’s content. Furnish your space with pendant lights, a colorful area rug and lounge furniture.

5.      Home Office

Working at home is becoming the norm so a home office space is essential. Your kind of work determines the size of your desk and equipment storage space. Start with the minimum equipment you will need while planning for upgrades later on.

While designing your new home office, plan for ample space. You’ll need to walk around comfortably. Also, sufficient space is great for productivity. When working on critical and time-consuming projects, you will need lean back in your chair, or push away from your desk every once in a while.

6.      Hobby Room

Creative and artistic people start new projects all the time. These include sewing, painting, knitting, scrap booking and other craft making activities. If there’s no dedicated space for these projects, they’ll be all over the house.

Your creativity juices will flow better when there are minimal interruptions and everything is in order. You’ll need a large surface work area and lots of storage space. The hobby room will work really well if there’s abundant natural light streaming in through the windows.

7.      Exercise Room

You don’t need an expensive gym membership when you can easily transform your idle space into a home workout station. Stay in shape without having to drive all the way to the gym and back. Do you like running on the treadmill? Using the elliptical? Weights or yoga?

If you’re interested in more than one type of equipment, you can buy them in phases until you’re all set up. Creating a mini gym is a great idea especially if you have a hectic work schedule. Full-length mirrors and a music system will motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

8.      Personal Bar

Instead of going out for drinks with your friends why not invite them in to your home bar? No chaos, ample seating, less spilling, and no screaming over the loud music so they can hear you. If you’re not into books or gaming, you can turn this space into a cocktail bar.

You can start with a stocked bar cart, mini-fridge, and cozy furniture while you plan to install a bar top, bar stools, and sophisticated lighting. A large mirror will give your space depth and style. If necessary, you may have to change the flooring, walls and ceiling to suit the function of the space.

9.      Music Room or Studio

How to turn a living room into a music room

This room is perfect for music lovers and professional musicians as a space to practice, create new music and entertain guests. Top quality musical instruments are quite expensive and should be kept safely in a specific room. The location of the room will determine how suitable it is for this purpose.

Ensure that it’s enclosed and can be soundproofed or your family and neighbors will soon be complaining. Using exposed bricks on your wall helps with containing the sound. Make sure the room is well-designed to reflect talent, fun, passion and professionalism.

10.  Guest Room

If you’re frequently hosting guests, they shouldn’t be sleeping in the living room or taking up one of your children’s rooms when there’s idle space in your formal living room. Turn it into a comfortable, cozy guest room with a dresser to keep their clothes.

It can also be a guest room that doubles as a library. In this case you’ll need a convertible bed that you’ll only take down when you have guests, and a portable closet. Consider a neutral colored rug with comfortable lounge furniture.

11.  Video Recording Room

Video content creators usually carve out space from their bedrooms or living rooms to create videos for YouTube or video marketing on their social media and websites. Having a dedicated space for your videos allows you to design a professional-looking studio.

You won’t need to keep moving your equipment from one corner to another to suit everyone else’s convenience in your home. Make sure your background elements aren’t distracting to your viewers and let your style reflect who you are.

How Can I Make My Living Room More Luxurious?

Luxury is synonymous with superior quality and expensive. Who wouldn’t want that for their living room – without the expense? Comfort and elegance in your living room is achievable without spending so much money. Before adding anything to your space, make sure it’s clean and not cluttered as dirt and clutter take away from the look you’re trying to achieve.

1.      Over-sized Art Work

When it comes to art work, go big or go home. A large scale art piece or photograph makes a chic striking statement especially if it covers majority of a particular wall. It doesn’t need to be on a gallery wall. On its own it, it creates a focal point and commands the attention of your guests.

2.      Neutral Colors

If you’re aiming for a high-end look for your living room, you won’t go wrong with neutral colors. Colors like beige and other neutral tones never go out of style. They are classic and make your living room look elegant. They also create a calm and relaxing environment.

3.      Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are a modern living room accessory. They take advantage of natural light to enhance the room, making it look bigger and more luxurious. Some mirrors are designed with intricate details on their frames that speak luxury and opulence.

4.      Lighting

How can I make my living room more luxurious?

From chandeliers to lampstands, lighting sets the mood for any living room. Look for unique, over-the-top light fixtures to bring class to your space. Combining different light sources like ceiling, floor, wall, and table lights will increase the feel of elegance in your living room.

5.      Carpet/Large Size Rugs

Wall-to-wall carpeting will add texture and warmth to your space with an element of luxury. If you choose an area rug, make sure it’s a large one that covers most of the living room area. Preferably it should be made from natural fibers as it adds interesting textures to the room.

What Is the New Color for Living Rooms?

Lately, various colors have popped up to bring life to living rooms at the moment and homeowners have taken them on depending on their tastes. However, green seems to be at the top of the list. Its ability to blend with nature as well as look earthy in some shades makes it a great color. Popular green tones include: sage green, green foliage (inspired by nature), and bluish green.

Blue is also a great bold color in many shades like navy blue, metallic blue and some lighter shades too. Traditional neutrals will always be popular with bold-colored accents in yellow, green, or orange to give them a pop of color.

What Does Every Living Room Need?

The living room has got to be one of the most important rooms in the house. Family meets there, friends gather there, and guests show up there first. This space displays the character of the hosts and sets the mood for the rest of the house so furnishing it is an exercise that should not be taken lightly. So, what does every living room need?

1.      Sofa/Seating

A sofa is usually the main event of the living room, well at least it has been for several decades. It still is one of the essential items. Lately, apartment space is getting smaller and some just can’t fit sofas comfortably so residents are opting for a bench, daybed, regular chairs or even floor cushions. The point is to have a place to sit.

2.      Coffee Table

A coffee table holds the living room together and is a focal point for some spaces. Depending on your style and the rest of the furniture, it can be wooden or glass. You can style it with a lovely art figurine or a vase. If you don’t have a chaise, it may support your feet (when you want to stretch). A coffee table with a lower shelf will also hold your books and magazines. A round table is great for open and high-traffic spaces.

3.      Area Rug

Area rugs add personality to your living room and you can’t deny that they feel good on your feet. Ensure that all the living room furniture can sit on your rug. If that’s not possible, at least the front legs of your sofas should settle onto the rug. A splash of color is great where you have neutral colored furniture or a dark carpet underneath.

4.      Side Tables

A side table or end table offers is a convenient and functional surface space for items like the remote, a book, drink, or your phone. It also holds your lamp stand. Its functionality shouldn’t compromise the general style of your living room. Make sure it’s the right height and that it complements the rest of your furniture and other elements in terms of color and texture.

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