How to Rent an Apartment Without Proof of Income

How to Rent an Apartment Without Proof of Income

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Last updated on July 28th, 2023 at 08:48 am

For many people, the first day of the month is stressful, especially if you’re a renter. Most landlords collect rent then. If you have sufficient income, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if your financial situation is dire, that’s a different story. You’ll have to work extra hard to pay rent, and some apartments won’t let you rent without proof of income. 

Good housing is a basic right for every human. However, landlords are selective on who leases their apartments and who doesn’t. So how do you rent an apartment with no income documentation?

  1. Increase Your Credit Score

An excellent credit score is an essential part of your financial life. For landlords, such a score means they can trust you to pay rent on time and in full. 

Before you go searching for an apartment, ensure your credit score is at least 650. To get a good credit rating, borrow small amounts of money and repay them on time. 

  1. Get a Guarantor 

An apartment guarantor is someone who signs the lease application with you and covers your rent obligations in case you’re unable to pay. Your guarantor should be a person you trust. 

Landlords will perform a background check to verify your guarantor’s legal or financial history, and a credit check to establish their financial status. The guarantor will legally commit to paying the rent if you default. 

Can I Rent Without Proof of Income?

Yes, you can. However, some residential areas have tough policies and require proof of income. Still, there are ways to access decent accommodation without proof of income. 

For starters, keep records of any money inflows. Even though it may not count as regular income, it shows the apartment owner you have access to money and can pay rent as expected. 

Alternatively, get an apartment that’s directly leased by the owner. Third-party agencies are less likely to let you rent without income proof. But an apartment without third-party influence is easier to rent. 

Can You Use Unemployment as Proof of Income for an Apartment?

If you are unemployed, you likely receive some financial help. To rent an apartment, provide documents that prove you are getting unemployment benefits. Remember, these documents have a validity period showing how long you’ll receive the benefits. 

Unemployment benefits range from $800 for individuals to $1200 for families. The apartment management needs to review your unemployment benefit records before they can rent out the home. However, you may need other documents to show prior proof of income.

Can You Get an Apartment Without a Rental History?

Can I Rent Without Proof of Income?

When you’re a first-time renter, you may be nervous about finding a good apartment. But that shouldn’t discourage you from house hunting. Get your credit history report, proof of identification, reference letters, and banking information. To get an apartment without rental history, do this:

  1. Present your pay stubs – these show you receive regular income and are not a risky tenant. Make sure the stubs show proof of payment and provide records for at least 6 months. 
  1. Pay in advance – doing this shows goodwill and your commitment to paying rent on the agreed rate. It creates a bond of trust between you and the apartment owner or letting agent. 

How Can I Rent an Apartment Without References?

Most apartment owners require renters to provide a reference before they rent their property. However, showing some documents builds credibility and allows you to rent without references. 

  1. Explain to the apartment owner why you don’t have any references. If you’re a first-time renter, show documents of other recurrent payments you’re currently making. This lets the owner or agent know you don’t plan to skip paying rent.
  2. If you are new to an area (or country) and haven’t found references yet, present ‘Right to Rent’ documents. The embassy usually gives these when you’re coming into a country. 

Do Apartments Verify Income?

To protect themselves, apartment letting agents or owners verify renters’ income to gauge their likelihood of paying rent consistently. They prefer having a guarantee you will not default on rent as long as you’re receiving income. 

They don’t just check your income. They also review your payment history, debt servicing history, and employment status. If all these indicators are good, you are likely to get the apartment. 

If you are gainfully employed but don’t have an income yet, landlords will want to see proof of employment. They also want a guarantee that you will live in the apartment for a while. 

How Can I Get an Apartment with No Credit and No Co-signer?

This can be a tough hurdle to get over, but it’s not impossible. Documents such as employment contracts or pay stubs showing your current and past salaries can help you secure an apartment with no credit or co-signer.

They are solid proof you can cover the rent in the foreseeable future. You also need to reassure your landlord you will remain at your current place of employment. 

Federal Income tax return (IRS 1040) documents display all your income streams. This information shows your potential landlord you can meet the rental requirements.

What Is the Minimum Credit Score for an Apartment?

Can You Get an Apartment Without a Rental History?

Landlords are in business and their main aim is to make money from their rental properties. They perform thorough checks before renting to ensure tenants meet their requirements. One of the credibility checks landlords run is a credit score check. 

Ideally, you need a credit rating of 650 to rent an apartment. But some apartments may accept a 600-620 minimum credit score from renters. Many landlords will deny your application if your credit score is below 620 because they think you are a high-risk renter. 

What Credit Score Do You Start With?

You cannot have a zero credit rating, but you can have a no-credit score. This means you haven’t built a credit history yet, so there’s no information to calculate a score. Once you meet certain minimum criteria, you get a credit score which depends on the scoring system used. 

The most common ones are the FICO® Score and the VantageScore Credit, whose lowest score is 300. Unless you have terrible credit habits, your score won’t begin that low. As you take credit cards or get approved for loans, your credit rating can either go up or plummet. 

Is It Possible to Rent an Apartment Without a Job?

Having a job increases your potential landlord’s trust in you. It makes them believe you can afford the rent. It’s still possible to rent an apartment without being employed. Providing evidence of non-traditional income is one way to increase your chances because it shows that you are actively earning an income. 

Also, you can choose apartments with private landlords, because they are likely to accept flexible rent terms compared to home agents. If you have challenges renting an apartment without a job, consider subletting instead of renting directly. Minimize your rent requirements until you can pay your rent. 

How Do You Rent an Apartment If You Are Unemployed?

To most people, employment means a steady income. Recurrent expenses such as rent are arguably easier to pay if you have a regular paycheck. It’s different when you are unemployed because renting may cause some anxiety. But you can still rent an apartment when you are unemployed. 

Begin by registering with an unemployment agency that distributes money to unemployed people. This money will meet your basic needs, including rent. Approach landlords and explain your situation. Providing documents that show you are looking for employment enhances your credibility. We also recommend having a guarantor who can vouch for you.

Do Apartments Ask for Proof of Income?

Landlords may request written evidence that shows your work information. They use proof of income to determine your ability to pay rent. They can verify your income by checking pay stubs, income statements, social security statements, bank statements, or pension distribution statements. 

If you’re unemployed, the landlord will request unemployment statements or a severance statement. Some apartments ask for tax documents such as your individual Income tax return (IRS 1040) if you’re employed or IRS form 1099 for the self-employed. These help to establish your tax compliance.

Can You Lie About Your Income to Get an Apartment?

How Can I Rent an Apartment Without References?

It’s better to avoid false income information in your lease application. When the truth comes out, the landlord can report you for perjury. This ruins your reputation as a renter and damages your future renting prospects. 

When you lie and eventually get evicted, your landlord may add this information to your background. The quickest way to establish a good rapport with your landlord is upfront honesty. Some landlords offer flexible payment plans to financially distressed renters. 

Do Apartments Call Your Employer?

Yes, some landlords will contact your employer as part of their thorough background checks. Usually, they have agents that verify a renter’s payments or income history. If a landlord has reason to believe you are a risky tenant, they can call your employer. Alternatively, they may require a letter from your employer. 

While your employer is not bound by law to disclose any information, they can choose to disclose your income or not. They can also give your criminal record information, if you have any. This emphasizes the need to tell the truth on your application.

Do Apartments Call Previous Landlords?

If an employer can’t contact your place of employment, they may call your previous landlord. This is the best approach to find out if you are a reliable tenant. The landlord needs proof of income or other assurance that you can pay rent consistently. A great renting history can secure you an apartment faster.

How Do Landlords Check Rental History?

Landlords examine your rental history by conducting a rental verification sometimes via phone. They run these checks on first-time tenants who haven’t rented with them. Rental history provides information on how long a tenant lived at the address, the amount of rent paid, and the reason for leaving. 

Rental history also includes your credit score, credit history, and any criminal history. Tenants with a solid credit history have a better chance of getting an apartment to rent. A history of late payments with a previous landlord reflects poorly on your ability to pay rent. It may cause your rental application to be denied. 

Do Landlords Look at Gross Income?

Yes, they do. Reviewing your gross income is one way to verify that you can afford to rent their property. Landlords look at how much you earn and the percentage rent takes. It’s easy for them to know if you are a risky tenant. 

For most landlords, gross income offers a clearer picture of your capacity to meet rent requirements. A few landlords prefer verifying your net income instead of gross income. 

Do Apartments Verify Check Stubs?

Yes, some apartments do. Landlords are usually concerned about your ability to pay rent regularly. If you are self-employed or receive regular payments from clients via checks, you can use these as proof of income. 

Using check stubs is one way to assure your landlord you can pay them. Pay stubs show you have sufficient finances to cover your rent. As a rule of thumb, keep a dated record of pay stubs for at least three months.

What Happens If You Don’t Make 3 Times the Rent?

The amount you spend on rent is a great indicator of your financial capability. Financial experts believe your income should be 3 times or more your rent. If you earn less than this, you might use more money from your income to cover rent, which will strain your finances. 

If you don’t make 3 times the rent, provide excellent references and ensure you have a great credit score. Being debt-free is a plus because you can convince your landlord of your ability to pay rent. And as soon as you can, find an extra source of income or look for a more affordable apartment. 

How Can I Live for Free?

There are a few ways to live for free. If you are struggling financially, start by house sitting. This allows you to live in decent housing, without paying rent, and possibly get paid. 

You can also live with a relative or friends who won’t charge you. Offer to do house chores instead of paying rent. Alternatively, you can put your apartment on Airbnb and look for clients to cover the cost. That way, you will live for free. 

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  1. Hi! Phew, it was such a relief when you pointed out that we can still rent an apartment even if we have no fixed income as long as our credit score is good. My son has been thinking of living in the city center starting next year. I’ ll ask him to consider this option so he’ll make the right steps later.

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